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YahooDFS is a site that has its own unique pricing system, so making sure you have a strategy heading in is a good idea. This article will help lay the groundwork for your YahooDFS NBA strategy.

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YahooDFS NBA Strategy Guide

First of all everyone will ask what value are you looking for on Yahoo, and the short answer is 1.5x.  You start with a bankroll of $200, and if you can hit 250+ fantasy points you should cash comfortably in double ups. Most notably GPP winners usually hitting 300+, therefore you need to target higher upside plays for GPP. This obviously depends on how the chalk picks perform each night.

Whats truly interesting about finding value in YahooDFS NBA is that for the top studs you are looking for just 1x value, and the bargain basement plays at least 2x value.  The mid tier you can settle on the 1.5x value projection.

If you’re wondering how this works I will provide a few brief examples

YahooDFS NBA Scoring examples

Steph Curry ($59) – Needs 60 fpts to make value (1x).  As you can see, Steph Curry is priced so highly that you can’t reasonably expect him to ht 90 fpts (for 1.5x value), but since he is a stud, 1x value is all you need

Zach Randolph ($26) – Needs 39 fpts to make value (1.5x).  If he hits 30 fpts you won’t be completely out of the running. Usually with these mid-tier picks you ideally want to hit 1.5x value or better

Tyson Chandler ($11) – Needs 22 fpts to make value (2x). As a result you want to make sure you keep an eye on his projected minutes. Keep in mind with these punt plays they have to make AT LEAST 2x value.  Yahoo’s minimum price is $10. They have to get at least 20 fantasy points, or they shouldn’t be in your lineups.  On DK and FD it seems like you can take a min priced play to hit 17 fpts and return value. Yahoo is a different beast.  Make sure you’re expecting 2x value or better from your punt plays (under $15).

In conclusion aim for 250+ fantasy points per night to cash in 50/50 games.

Finally if you have any other questions or comments, leave them below!