Weekly NFL Matchups | Week 16 TE

Eric Ebron | Detroit Lions

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All Matchups: QB | RB | WR1 | WR2 | TE | DEF

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A Couple Reminders:

It’s week 16, which means the data is about as strong as it gets. While the matchups shouldn’t be viewed as gospel, they can hopefully provide another useful tool when predicting player performance. Contrary to some peoples beliefs, matchups do matter, just not as much as we’d like to think.

As always, THIS IS NOT A RANKINGS ARTICLE. For rankings, look at our projections. This data helps quantify the matchups and provides some context for the projections. The table and consequent analysis is reserved for subscribers only, as a lot of time, work, and effort goes into this analysis each week.

What to Look For

David Njoku is an amazing spot in an ascending Browns offense, but there are some interesting pivots as well.

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