Week 2 Defense and Special Teams (DST) Rankings and Analysis – Fantasy Football 2013

Wow! Week 1 had a ton of surprises didn’t it! The fumble issues by some key backs, all the safeties, the Jets with the upset. The list goes on and on! I was in Minneapolis watching my Blue Jays play the Twins all weekend and on Sunday I barely watched any baseball because I had my face glued to the TV watching football. What can I say, I’m a little addicted to football.

Week 2 has a lot of great match ups, can’t wait for the Sunday nighter. 49ers and Seahawks is going to be a war! My number 1 defense this week is the Bengals. The Titans got to Big Ben 5 times! The Titans are nothing compared to that defense in Cincinnati, could be a very long day for Ben and his Steelers. Who knows though, if week 2 is anything like week 1, it will be full of surprises. Enjoy the week 2 defense and special teams rankings and analysis!



Rank Team Analysis Week 2
1 Bengals Bengals have a great defense and the Steelers run game is a mess. Love this matchup. Ben was sacked 5 times by the Titans. PIT
2 Patriots Pats at home, always seem to crush the Jets. NYJ
3 Bears Bears secondary is great and Ponder is terrible. MIN
4 Texans   TEN
5 Broncos Hold on tight Wilson! Broncos D is better than the Cowboys’ and
took the ball 6 times.
6 Seahawks   SF
7 49ers   @SEA
8 Steelers   @CIN
9 Packers RG3 looked stiff, looked to get back into form later, still don’t trust him just yet. WSH
10 Ravens Weeden is nowhere near Peyton Manning, bounce back game for T-sizzle’s defense. CLE
11 Browns   @BAL
12 Cowboys Cowboys D looked good against the Giants early on, 6 turnovers. Like them
This week.
13 Eagles Look out Ryan Matthews, that new 3-4 defense looked good against the run. SD
14 Cardinals Peterson vs Megatron, should be a good battle. DET
15 Rams   @ATL
16 Vikings   @CHI
17 Chargers   @PHI
18 Jets   @NE
19 Buccaneers   NO
20 Dolphins   @IND
21 Panthers   @BUF
22 Giants   DEN
23 Falcons   STL
24 Redskins   @GB
25 Jaguars   @OAK
26 Titans   @HOU
27 Lions   @ARI
28 Bills   CAR
29 Colts   MIA
30 Chiefs   DAL
31 Saints   @TB
32 Raiders   JAC


  1. coolandthegang

    September 12, 2013 at 17:15

    So I have the Bears and the Texans. You’d start Chicago?

  2. Ryan_13

    September 12, 2013 at 19:30

    Ya man, either way you should get a good score from your D and really it could go either way with those two defenses , I just really don’t like Ponder. As good as Peterson is , I just think Ponder looked bad. The Chargers did score 4 touchdowns against the Texans.
    That’s why I ranked the Bears ahead , but like I said you should score some points either way.

  3. coolandthegang

    September 13, 2013 at 17:52

    Thx man

  4. ProzacDealer

    September 14, 2013 at 10:28

    What’s your outlook on the Chiefs? I saw them blow up against the Jags, but have to admit that’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

    My logic is trying to sort out whether KC or Carolina has more long term defensive value ahead.

  5. Ryan_13

    September 14, 2013 at 10:53

    I wanna see it against a better team than the Jags. Gabbert is terrible. If they can do it against the Cowboys this week then they could be something. Carolina’s defense is really good against the run. Held Lynch to only 43 yards. So as of now I’d say Carolina has more long term value now. But keep an eye on KC this week. They also play Philly next week on Thursday , so two tough matchups and on a short week. Could be a good test for the Chiefs and see how good they are.

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