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Waiver Wire Strategy

Successful waiver wire strategy is the key to every fantasy football championship.  You can have the greatest draft in the world, but if you don’t pick up the right players in season it will all be for naught.

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Not sure how to use the waiver wire in your fantasy football league or struggling to understand how your waivers are set up? This article will help you understand exactly what the waiver wire is, why it is important, and how to properly utilize it given your league settings!

Understanding how to use the waiver wire – 2016

Section 1: What is the waiver wire?

  • Simply put, the waiver wire is where all unowned players in fantasy football are listed.  When you want to add a player to your team the waiver wire is your destination!
  • Waiver rules are in place to help govern who has access to each player

Section 2: Why are waivers important?

  • Many new players feel intimidated by their league’s waiver wire system, and decide to simply not bother with it.  This is the WORST thing you can do as the waiver wire is the single most important ingredient to winning a fantasy football championship.  Even if you already have a strong team, you can make it stronger by understanding your league’s waiver rules
  • Adding the best players off the waiver wire can help block your opponents from picking up players that would make their teams stronger.

Section 3: Understanding your waiver wire set up (Different types of waiver priority settings)

  1. No waivers – In a league with no waivers, all players are free agents and can be added at any time.
  2. Waiver Priority List – Determines who has first priority, second priority and so on
    • Continual Rolling List – Waiver claims are processed in order.  When you use a claim you are moved to the bottom of the list.  If you don’t use a waiver wire claim that week, you move up
      • A key piece of strategy with a continual rolling list, typically AFTER waiver wire claims have been processed (typically Wednesday mornings) the players that weren’t will all become free agents.  You can then claim them with no penalty to your waiver priority. In essence, if you don’t submit a waiver claim, and wait for all waivers to process, you can then move up the waiver priority list and still add players from free agency!
    • Reverse order of standings – Each week after the games have concluded, the waivers are set to reverse order of standings, so last place gets first waiver priority each week
  3. FAAB – Free Agent Acquisition Budget – Each owner is allocated a certain amount of fake money (typically $100) to “spend” on waivers during the season.  Each week you have to bid on players off the waiver wire, highest bid wins.  In the event of a tie the waiver priority list will decide the winner.
    • If you run out of money, most leagues will allow you to place $0 bids.  Check your league settings or with your league commissioner to confirm that this is an option

Section 4: Strategy

  • Continual rolling waivers – Unless there is a must own player that week, your best bet is to wait for waivers to clear, and move up the waiver priority list.  Once the players become free agents you can still add any of the speculative guys you want, but having that #1 waiver priority is a big deal when a must own player is on the line!
  • Reverse order of standings – Make sure you rank players from most desirable (typically RB or WR) to least desirable (K or DEF) when submitting your waiver claims.  While you may have first waiver priority, you only get to add your top ranked player before it moves down the list! After everyone’s top ranked player is added, then it comes back around to your #2 guy
  • FAAB – Don’t blow all your money too early! – Typically there is a big ticket RB that comes up off waivers once or twice per year.  You’ll know when it happens as I’ll list them as a must add in my weekly article, and suggest 50% of your budget or more.  The vast majority of the players you add off waivers will NOT fall into the must add category, so be sure to only bid a few dollars on them, as speculative guys will come and go, but when it is week 9 and that must have player comes up, you’ll be happy to still have 70% of your budget remaining

Thats it for our how to use the waiver wire in fantasy football tutorial. If there are any topics I didn’t cover, or any questions you still have, please post them in the comments section below!