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Standard Fantasy Football Rankings

For season long players, standard fantasy football rankings are invaluable.  You need to find a site you can trust, and we here at FTA would like to submit our ranks for your approval.  Standard ranks apply to leagues with no yardage bonus, or reception bonus of any kind.

Here is a full list of the standard fantasy football rankings we provide:

We also provide half PPR rankings and full PPR rankings you might want to peruse.

Using our standard fantasy football rankings

If you play ESPN Fantasy Football or one of its competitors, or standard fantasy football rankings can help! If you’re stuck making a roster decision, and aren’t sure who the best start is, check FTA.  We also provide updates for FTA+ subscribers on our daily fantasy football spreadsheet and projections page.

If you’re the sort who prefers live advice, no worries as you can sign up in our free fantasy football forums. You can post start or sit, trade advice and waiver wire questions there.  Receive responses from a community of 10,000+ fantasy football fanatics!

If you ever have any questions or comments about the rankings, leave a comment on the appropriate rankings page so that the author may respond.  Most of our authors are also active in our forums community, and can be found answering hundreds of fantasy football questions each week.

Standard fantasy football rankings


If you are new to fantasy football, and having a hard time taking everything in, don’t worry.  Fantasy Team Advice was founded to be a community for average working Joe’s (and Jill’s) who don’t have time in their busy work schedules.  Let us do the rankings for you, while you sit back and reap the benefits!

In conclusion thanks for visiting today, and good luck in your season long fantasy football contests!