Silicon Valley Fantasy Football Team Names

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As HBO’s hit comedy Silicon Valley continues to produce endlessly quotable content, I decided it was high time we had a Silicon Valley based fantasy football team names list!  Below you will find my list, and keep in mind it is never finished!

If you have a funny team name suggestion, please add it in the comments section below the article (with a brief explanation of what it references).  The only requirement is that the team name is somehow tied into Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley Fantasy Football Team Names

Team Name
1 Hooli-O Jones
2 Mean Jerk Time
3 (Nuk)leus
4 Consider the bulldog
5 Hyde Piper
6 Not a hotdog
7 Pescapescatarian
8 Bachmanity
9 Pakistani Odell
10 3CommaClub
11 This guy Fox
12 Always Drew, Always Drew!
13 Jordy Nelson Bighetti
14 Action Jack
15 Conjoined triangles of success
16 Tres Comas
17 Tip2tip
18 Big Head
19 Blood Boy
20 Raviga
21 The Clickfarm
22 Spaces vs tabs
23 End Frame

Be sure to check back regularly as this list will receive updates throughout the year.  In case you are looking for inspiration for your team, here is a brief list of the key characters names from Silicon Valley which can hopefully help you in selecting a fantasy football team name:

  • Richard Hendrix
  • Erlich Bachman
  • Bertram Gilfoyle
  • Dinesh Chugtai
  • Jared (a.k.a Donald) Dunn
  • Gavin Belsin
  • Monica Hall
  • Jian-Yang
  • Big Head (Nelson Bighetti)
  • Action Jack Barker
  • Laurie Bream
  • Peter Gregory
  • Russ Hanneman
  • Ron LaFlamme

That should cover all of the notorious characters from the show! Now the question is, what hilarious or pun-worthy fantasy football team names can our community construct that helps tie in to Silicon Valley? Leave your comments under the article, and I’ll be sure to respond.  Don’t forget to include what the reference is, with all the seasons and jokes that have been made on the show over the years there are sure to be a few obscure references that are missed by our readers.

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Fantasy Football Team Names

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