San Diego Must Play Fantasy Championship | Week 16 Defense/Special Teams

Welcome to the best or worst week in the entire fantasy football season! It is Championship week for most leagues (Don’t play week 17 as your Championship game). Either you made a great run and earned yourself a spot in the Championship or unfortunately you just didn’t have enough to make it too week 16. Week 16 is so tough for the “unfortunate” fantasy owners.  Your season ended early and you’ll be watching your league mates, but more than likely friends brad and gloat about being in the Championship. Luckily for me I rode the hot hand of LeSean McCoy and Cameron Brate to a Championship appearance.

For those of you that are in the Championship game in your leagues, congrats! You have made it to the most important week in the entire fantasy season. It’s time to hold nothing back, and go get yourself a league title! This week I love the Chargers defense (50% and under ownership) out of all eligible for this list. They have a great if not the best matchup in the entire NFL going to Cleveland. Comment down below if you think another team should be on the list!

San Diego Chargers(32%):  Cleveland’s offense hasn’t put up 300 yards in a game since their week 12 loss to the New York Giants. The Browns simply have not been able to score the football. The Browns offense ranks 31st in total points only ahead of the LA Rams, and rank just 30th in total yards with just about 4,300 on the season. San Diego has a dream matchup against one of the worst offense in the NFL. This is a no brainer, go with San Diego.

Green Bay Packers(37%): Talking about horrific offenses, the Minnesota Vikings offense is just as bad as Cleveland’s. With Sam Bradford under center for the Vikings, he will continue to make terrible throws and lead a Vikings offense to field goals and punts, not touchdowns. Bradford may have to play catchup in week 16 with a hot Packers offense. In week 13’s Defense/Special Teams article I gave a stat that stated Sam Bradford is 2-20 in games in which he throws 40 or more passes. He is now 2-22 in games where he attempts 40 or more passes. Hurry back Teddy Bridgewater

Tennessee Titans(12%): Looking back to last off season and seeing the numbers Blake Bortles put up in 2015 really makes you think what happened? He is arguably the worst starting quarterback in the NFL and It’s disappointing for Jags fans, and the franchise. They have to move on from Bortles. New interim head coach Doug Marrone said he is sticking with Bortles. As a result you should see Bortles stink it up for the rest of the season. Tennessee just held the defending Superbowl champs to 10 points in last weeks win over Denver. It gets repetitive always putting the Jaguars on this list and basically trash talking Blake Bortles. It’s just always a great matchup going against the Jags offense. They have struggled to move the ball and with a quarterback as bad as Bortles is, makes turnovers almost a guarantee.

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