Round the Bases (MLB DraftKings Picks) | 05/18/19

Last night was brutal on DK as both Max and DeGrom had rough outings, Max not as much as Degrom though. I played the non-CLE chalk which did nothing just like the chalky CLE guys did. Lets just say it was a night to forget. I’ve been dipping my toes into FanDuel here the last three days and am 3-0 over there in cash. Want my secret? It’s simple go off the A.C.E. Projection System and listen to @Jac3600 and mix in some of my DK plays with it. There is two slates on DK today and both have very rough pitching going for them, so it will be extra important to be in chat tonight. It is very important to check into chat each night as some of my plays here might change as lineups start coming out. Make sure to join us in chat as we fully break down the slate and the other MLB analysts, including myself list our core plays for both cash games and tournaments. Check out our new A.C.E. Projection System as well to help with building your winning lineups. You can also follow and DM me on twitter @DRockDFS. Want to join us but are not sure if you want to pay a monthly sub fee yet? Send us a dm and we can get you a free trial for a week to give us a test run.


Nick Margevicius, SDP ($6900)

The SP2 I am looking at tonight comes in dirt cheap and will allow you to load up on whatever bats you want. LHP Nick Margevicius will be taking on the Pirates tonight in San Diego and the Pirates as a team against LHP in 2019 support a 27% K Rate, horrible .096 ISO, .265 wOBA, and a dumpster fire WRC+ of 63. The Pirates will most likely be sending out seven RHB and so far in 2019 Margevicius is presenting a .263 wOBA, 4.3 xFIP, 21% K Rate and a 48% GB Rate. Normally I wouldn’t like a pitcher with an IRTA of 4.5 but with the way pitching is tonight that is the fourth best on the slate. I have no problem going here for my SP2 in cash tonight.

Others: S. Strasburg, G. Canning, J. Berrios, J. Lester


Manny Machado, SDP (3B/SS, $4400)

I just mentioned the Padres will take on the Pirates at home tonight and Pittsburgh will be sending LHP Steven Brault to the mound. In a very small sample size in 2019 Brault has given up a .462 wOBA and 3 HR/9 to go with a 6.12 xFIP to RHB this year. Over his career he is posting a .368 wOBA, 5.13 xFIP and is given up 1.42 HR/9 to RHB. Manny comes into the game with a .430 wOBA, 115 WRC+ and a very impressive 52.5% HH Rate over his last 30 AB’s vs LHP. The wind will be blowing out in San Diego tonight which will give the hitters an even bigger edge tonight.

Freddie Freeman, ATL (1B, $5000)

Freeman and the Braves will see RHP Chase Anderson and the Milwaukee Brewers tonight in Atlanta. The Braves have an IRT of 5 runs and I actually find that to come in a little low. Dating back to last season Anderson has a 4.65 xFIP, .301 wOBA and a 4.12 SIERA. The numbers don’t really jump off the chart but it is going to be nice and warm in Atlanta tonight which will make for good hitting conditions. That plus a RHP on the mound can spell good things for Freeman tonight. Over his last 30 AB’s he is posting an elite .410 wOBA, elite .295 ISO and a very solid 157 WRC+ all on top of his 47% HH Rate. Freeman is my #DFSHomeRunCall.

Others: J. Aguilar, N. Lopez, J. Donaldson, K. Bryant, M. Moustakas, T. Turner


Kyle Schwarber, CHC (OF, $3100)

Wasn’t just about 3 weeks ago Schwarber was over $4K on DK. Tonight he is only $3.1 and will most likely be leading off again for the Cubs against RHP Steven Strasburg. Yes the pitching matchup is not ideal as Strasburg dating back to last season has a 26% K Rate and a 3.56 xFIP but I won’t be shocked if the Cubs get to him early as they did his teammate Max last night and Luis Castillo the night before. This play is mainly all about price and leading off and knowing that the Cubs strong offense, being led by former MVP Kris Bryant right now, will get to see the Washington bullpen at some point. Washington’s pen in 2019 is one of the worst in baseball, right next to the Baltimore Orioles. They are giving up 1.58 HR/9 and also have an xFIP of 5.25. I have no problem going with some Cubs tonight for the right price in cash. Schwarber isn’t just a plug and play hoping to get you a couple points either, as he can easily go yard and over his last 30 AB’s against RHP he supports a .347 wOBA with a 33% HH Rate.

Shohei Ohtani, LAA (OF, $4400)

The Angels have the highest IRT on the slate tonight of 5.4 runs. They will take on RHP Jakob Junis and the Kansas City Royals. This season Junis is posting a .371 wOBA, 4.4 xFIP, 1.66 HR/9 and a 40% HH Rate against LHB and has a SIERA of 4.7. I haven’t really been on Ohtani yet this year but tonight is the night for me. Its a very small sample size but he has a .409 wOBA and a 163 WRC+ against RHP in his short playing time this year. Why is that important? Well for me it is important due to the fact that in 2018 against RHP, Ohtani posted a .433 wOBA, 182 WRC+, and an insane .344 ISO. I just literally yelled out loud “get you some.”

Others: C. Yelich, M. Trout, A. Eaton, B. Belt, J. Soto, G. Springer, R. Braun, J. Reddick

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