Rick Baso Report: Night Slate

NY @ SAC: The Knicks are the most unpredictable teams in the NBA in regards to their rotations. We saw evidence of this yesterday with Henry Ellenson and will continue to do so going forward so lets tread lightly here. The Knicks got completely embarrassed yesterday against the Clippers and now face a fast paced Sacramento team who is leading the league in pace. The Knicks will see a +3.7 pace bump and for the first time all year, they had at least 23 assists in consecutive games. A bright spot for the Knicks that we can continue to Roster is Mitchell Robinson. He currently leads the league in combined blocks + dunks per 36 at 7.80 leaving the only other person who comes close is JaVale McGee, Rudy Gobert, and at a distant fourth Hassan Whiteside. Pending on the minutes, Noah Vonleh(remember him?) could be interesting tonight. Vonleh has b2b double doubles and is averaging around 33 fantasy points per game over his last two. In all reality, the minutes have been around 25. I wouldn’t suggest playing him in SE simply because Ellenson could be the one to play 25 min. If the minutes are there, I can expect Vonleh to exceed salary expectations tonight. Trier is interesting today. Sacramento ranks 24th against SGs and has seen a solid min floor over his last 5 games.

Sacramento gets a soft matchup tonight which surprisingly I feel will be closer than expectations. Remember, the Knicks got blown out yesterday in front of Fizdale’s family and friends. That was their 3rd worst loss of the year of this magnitude and for the Knicks, they have responded well the next game after losing by more than 20 points. In regards to plays, my favorite is Willie Cauley-Stein. This is more of a night slate type of play b/c you’re getting WCS at a discounted price with a strong min floor. He’s avg. over 10 boards per game since the Bagley injury so we can expect that continue and all he needs is a cheap double double to pay off his price. Another favorite from this play is Bogdon Bogdanovic. The Knicks are giving up 47.1% shooting from the floor and 36.7% from three. You can only imagine how this game could turn out of his shot is falling. Again, I expect it to be close but you may need a few sac pieces to cash. I would rank WCS, Bogdon, and Hield as my fav. three pieces. Fading Fox can be a viable strategy here as he will likely be higher owned.


Tonight is a big game for both teams as LAL needs to basically make up 5 games somehow and LAC can clinch the division tie breaker over both teams. Also you have the narrative of Pat bev practically coming out and saying that the clippers, not lakers are the best team in LA. After coming off a loss to the SUNS… YES THE SUNS!! Lakers are surprisingly favored and taking in the majority of the bets even though most of the money is on the Clippers. The Lakers get a point boost of 8.1 and the Clippers also get a boost of 2.4 which leads us to this game having a 237 point total. Lebron is a lock for tonight for the night slate. He’s avg. 64.1 fantasy points per game over his last seven and you can’t fade him on the two game slate.(free square). If you’re debating Ingram vs. Kuzma‚Ķ Don’t. While Kuzma has been more efficient, his price hasn’t gone down at all since early FEB. While he provides that floor we like, there isn’t any upside for someone that cost 6200. For 400 more, you get Ingram who has been averaging 20 shots over his last two.

For the clippers my 2nd lock of the night slate is Gallinari. Sure, he will more likely get defended by Lebron/Kuzma but Gallinari mostly does his scoring off screens and cuts to the hoop. Lebron has been notoriously bad this year keeping up with defenders. This is easy pickings for Gallo who will eat tonight especially when he goes against Kuzma who has shown a lack of experience guarding vets which will in turn make Gallo drive more to the hoop and draw fouls. What I like about this game besides the total is that we can still find gems to squeeze in the studs we need without taking risks on Knick players. That person for us here is Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. The min floor is there for us as he’s been averaging 29 or more min. in b2b games but the fantasy points have exceeding salary expectations during this stretch as well. We need LeBron so we need to pay down somewhere. Shai is that guy for us.

The rest of my plays for the night slate will be available in chat. See you guys at the top of the leaderboards.

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