Rick Baso Report: 2/28/19

As I was writing the night slate article, injury news after injury news just kept pouring in. I feel that my research will be better directed towards how I plan to react to the news today since I am always around after 7:00pm to discuss my game plan around the night slate.

  1. Everything happens for a reason. Draftkings didn’t significantly move Bam Adebayo price and we sit here with pretty much a free square at $4,000. The heat have shown that without Whiteside in the lineup, they’re a better rebounding team. Both Olynyk and Bam will both benefit from James Johnson and Whiteside out the lineup and should be very popular this evening. Bam has been producing(32 DK points in two straight games) so he won’t be a secret tonight.

Pivot: Jonah Bolden– Jonah started last game but foul trouble really hurt his production causing him to just play 18 min. On the 25th, his usage rate was hovering 22% and finished with 9 points and 6 rebounds. They’re going to need his size tonight going against Steven Adams. While Mike Scott has been seeing over 30 min since the Embiid and Boban injury, expect Bolden to have another crack at meeting salary expectations.

You also can’t ignore Steven Adams. With Boban and Embiid off the court, the 76ers have allowed a 37.5% offensive rebound rate. Through 201 possessions, they also have a defensive rating of 120.6

2. Ricky Rubio is out again with his bad hamstring so we can expect Donovan Mitchel to be the biggest benefactor today. Without Rubio, Mitchell has a 31.7 assist rate and averages 46.9 DK points throughout that seven game stretch Rubio missed.

Pivot: Klay Thompson/Cousins/Curry

Both Klay and Cousins both see a 6% usage increase with Durant off the floor. With everyone looking at Mitchell, I want to believe GS as a team gets ignored today. They have been all week so I don’t see what changes today.

Paul George is out tonight against the 76ers so we can all imagine that Westbrook will be chalk city tonight. Can I blame you for rostering him tonight? NO. Westbrook has near a 40% usg rate when George is off the floor. His sidekick tonight will be Schroder. The last time George was off the floor, he was very efficient scoring 36 DK points in 39 minutes.

Pivot: James Harden

The beard with CP3 back is over his last five games still has a 40% usage rate. The matchup isn’t the best but he’s also putting up over 25 shots per game and getting to the line often.

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