Rick Baso Report: 2/26/19

The first game of the night is between Boston and Toronto. This night slate is interesting because while everyone is running to roster PG and Westbrook, Kyrie will be lowered owned. Yes the raptors have a great defense but these metrics do not apply to Kyrie. In 3 games, he’s averaged 30.3 points, 11.7 assists and a usage rate over 29%. Danny green will most likely get most of the responsibility and Kyrie has taken his lunch. The one area of concern is if Lowry ends up defending Kyrie. Against Lowry, Kyrie has scored just 11 points on 53 possessions. Horford is an area for concern only getting two rebounds last game.(he was avg five rebounds over his last four games.) He primarily works with Kyrie when they run the high pick and roll so if you feel Kyrie will have a big game, we can assume the same for Horford. With Toronto looking to shut down Kyrie, you can expect for Horford to carry the offense load. Tatum may be an option for some people but the usage isn’t there for me.(16.1 usg over his last two.) No one else unfortunately stands out for me. Hayward has been playing better but if Boston puts Morris on Kawhi, we can expect less min for him.

Toronto would need to rely heavily on Kawhi today. He’s crushed the last 3 times he’s played and has avg over a 32% usg. rate through those games. He should be carrying the offensive load for tonight so he provides that floor we always talk about on these two game slates. I doubt anyone goes here but he provides upside simply on volume alone. His matchup is difficult against Morris but who else will carry the load? Lowry takes a hit and won’t have the same offensive output as he did on Sunday. Siakam has been terrrrrrrrible against Boston avg. just 8.7 points and 6 rebounds over 3 games.

Ibaka is the one person you can pair with Kawhi. He’s avg. 16.7 points against Horford. He has the ability to hit the 3 and will likely be the secondary option for Toronto.

Denver vs Okc.

Jokic is the Ace of tonight. Yes Jokic, and not PG or Westbrook.

The reason I say that is Adams has 0 chance against him. No seriously, he has no answer. Jokic has the ability to put up a shot anywhere and when Denver does get the ball inside, he has strong numbers in the restricted area as well. Just like lowry, Jokic at home gets a bump. Sure he has struggled as of late but against Adams, he has a 33.6 usage rate.

Should we play Westbrook or PG? Can we play Both?

Denver has been defending him aggressively and even though Westbrook has been outstanding( I mean the man is hitting 3s from everywhere) he might just meet value expectations. Now is that a bad thing? No. But at what cost? He avg. a triple double the last two meetings but he avg just 14 points and 12 rebounds in those meetings.

There is an argument that he’s unfadable. I mean how can you ignore a 35.7 usage rate over his last five games. Against Denver though, he’s shot 11-38 and 2-15 from three. Torrey craig has been the stopper. Sometimes I think, hey it’s Torrey craig. But we can only go by what we have seen and not my personal bias. Plus, PLUMDOG is there.

If we want this game to stay close, it’s important for OKC bench to play well here. I am willing to take a chance on guys like Schroder and Kieff. Kieff is only playing around 20 min but he’s cheap enough where I can see it making sense.

We have learned that PG can in fact co exist together. He’s avg. 28.6 usage rate over his last five and hitting some game winning shots in the process. Even though Westbrook has struggled against Denver. PG has flourished. I mean who’s going to stop him? Seriously who? Yea no one. He’s a lock.

Millsap is interesting since he too has also seen success against OKC. He’s been hot the last three games and we should expect him to have another good game here.

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  1. From next match onwards please try to give best mixed 8 players from both teams. So that we can able to join in fantasy league. I hope u may consider my request

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