Rick Baso Report: 2/23/2019

We are coming off a scary W last night. We were most definitely in the clear and almost lost due to OT. Luck went our way yesterday but in DFS, you need a little luck. Let the odds be in our favor for a second night in a row!

Draftkings Player pool:

G: CP3, Bledsoe, Teague, Curry, Brogdon, Rose, Klay, Gordon

F: Giannis, Durant, Middleton, Wiggins, Saric, Draymond, Taj Gibson

C: Capela, Cousins, Brook Lopez

Fanduel Player pool:

PG: Bledsoe, Paul, Rose, Curry

SG: Middleton, Gordon, Brogdon, Wiggins, Thompson

SF: Giannis, Durant

PF: Gibson, Green, Saric

C: Brook Lopez, Cousins, Capela

I’ve been heavily considering stacking the Rockets tonight. While the Rockets defense isn’t the same as it was last year, the Warriors have been struggling against them, primarily due to all the switching they do. The Warriors against Houston averages a team high 18.5 isolation possessions this season with KD leading the way. There’s no “I” in team right? Kevin Durant is my favorite Warrior today simply because he tends to lead the charge here when GS plays hero ball. This is the first game Cousins will be a part of so it’s going to be interested to see if and how he disrupts this game.

In regards to Injuries both Towns and Harden are both questionable. I would be very surprised if Towns plays. We can look to fire up Saric and Gibson again. If Towns does in fact play though, I think you have to roster him. Center sucks on this slate. Harden on the other hand may sit. If so, CP3 has averged 1.5 DK points per min w/o Harden on the floor over 1200 min stretch.

It’s worth noting that Giannis has averaged 1.75 DK points points per min since the start of January. Minnesota plays ok defensively but since January, they are only better then the Cavs when it comes to rim protection. Giannis cant shoot and all he does is drive to the hoop (blah blah blah) You know he’s going to be high owned but you need him.

Remember when I said Center sucks, we are very limited tonight. Cousins might be a necessity but he has been outstanding since returning from his injury. If you want to stray away from the crowds I would fade but you’re going to need some stones to do that. I just don’t think that’s as viable to do tonight. If Towns does play, I can see where a fade might be warranted . Other than that, I wouldn’t recommend it. He’s averaged 1.35 DK points per min since returning from injury.

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