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Raunchy names, sometime dirty, always funny

Welcome back to FTA as we prepare for another exciting year of 2015 fantasy football, starting with the Raunchy names for fantasy football for 2015 below.  We have many new additions for popular players including rookies like Ameer Abdullah and Marcus Mariota!

Want to view the top 100 funny fantasy football team names?

Think your team name makes the cut?  Scroll to the bottom of the page, and post it in the comments section.  If it is deemed worthy, your hilarious suggestion shall be added to the 2015 team names list!

Raunchy names for fantasy football of 2015

List is sorted in alphabetical order by player’s first name


Roger Rodgers whats our vector Victor? Aaron Rodgers / Victor Cruz

Adrian BeatHerSon Adrian Peterson

Tickle Me Al-Mo Alfred Morris

Cooper Troopers Amari Cooper

Abdullah Oblongata Ameer Abdullah

Ellington Coat Factory Andre Ellington

10% Luck / 20% Skittles Andrew Luck / Marshawn Lynch

Luck her right in the Percy Andrew Luck / Percy Harvin

Foster’s AustrARIAN for beer Arian Foster

A Mingo ate my Brady Barkevious Mingo / Tom Brady

Ben there raped that Ben Roethlisberger

Bill Cosby’s Sleepers Bill Cosby

Brock Lobster Brock Osweiler

Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles Blake Bortles

Quick! Decker and Hyde Brian Quick / Eric Decker / Carlos Hyde

My Johnson is Burfict Calvin Johnson / Vontaze Burfict

Calvin and Cobbes Calvin Johnson / Randall Cobb

Wham! Bam! Thank you Cam! Cam Newton

Hyde your kids Hyde your wife Carlos Hyde

Hyde your Bush, I have V.D. Carlos Hyde / Reggie Bush / Vernon Davis

You Kaepernick the future Colin Kaepernick

De more de maryius Demaryius Thomas

Final Dez-tination Dez Bryant

The Walking Dez Dez Bryant

Teach me how to Dougie Doug Martin

Breesus, King of the Drews Drew Brees

Taste the Dwaynebowe Dwayne Bowe

Lacy underwear makes my Dix bigger Eddie Lacy / Ha-Ha Clinton Dix

Mr. Sanders’ Son Emmanuel Sanders

Erect Dicker Eric Decker

Multiple Goregasms Frank Gore

Geno 911 Geno Smith

Geno IKan pay you back Geno Smith

HaHa Monica Loves Clinton Dix HaHa Clinton Dix

High as Hill on A.J’s Green Jeremy Hill / A.J. Green

1.21 JJWatts J.J. Watt

Turn down for Watt J.J. Watt

Watt me Whip Watt me JJ JJ Watt

Insane Clowney Posse Jadeveon Clowney

Gotta Catch Jamaal Jamaal Charles

You Winston, you lose some Jameis Winston

Landry Detergent Jarvis Landry

InstaJimmyGraham Jimmy Graham

Manziel in distress Johnny Manziel

JPP You’re a Firework! Jason Pierre-Paul (Katy Perry reference)

Ladies and Edelman Julian Edelman

Julio Think you are? Julio Jones

Yippee Kai A Justin Tucker Justin Tucker

Saved by Le’Bell Le’Veon Bell

Le’Veon on a prayer Le’Veon Bell

Backfields and McCoys LeSean McCoy

Its a Me! Mariota! Marcus Mariota

My Favorite Marshawn Marshawn Lynch

Not my Forte Matt Forte

Stafford Infection Matthew Stafford

I have Crabs and VD Michael Crabtree / Vernon Davis

Mike Vick in a box Michael Vick

Stairway to Evans Mike Evans

Montee Wrecking Ball Montee Ball

One Ball, Two Johnsons Montee Ball / Andre Johnson / Calvin Johnson

Suh Girls, One Cup Ndamukong Suh

Agholorious Bradford’s Nelson Agholor / Sam Bradford

For Whom Odell Tolls Odell Beckham Jr.

Ya down with ODB? Odell Beckham Jr.

Lord Darkwa’ad Orleans Darkwa
May God have Percy on your goal Percy Harvin

Touch my Percy and I’ll Suh Percy Harvin / Ndamakong Suh

My Percy’s Vernon and it Ertz Percy Harvin / Vernon Davis / Zach Ertz

In a van down by the Rivers Philip Rivers

Slob on my Cobb Randall Cobb

Beats by Ray Ray Rice

50 Shades of Ray Ray Rice

Bush is not my Forte Reggie Bush / Matt Forte

Its Wayning Men Reggie Wayne

When it Waynes, It Gores Reggie Wayne / Frank Gore

Gronk if your horny Rob Gronkowski

Gronkey Punch Rob Gronkowski

Gronk if you love Breesus Rob Gronkowski / Drew Brees

ABC, Easy as RG3 Robert Griffin III

Every day I’m Russell’n Russell Wilson

Russell’n my Jimmies Russell Wilson / Jimmy Graham

Tannesaurus Rex Ryan Tannehill

Don’t Pull a Hammy Watkins! Sammy Watkins

Rage Against the Vereen Shane Vereen

Lucked your Gurley’s Percy Todd Gurley / Andrew Luck / Percy Harvin

T.Ylenol P.M. T.Y. Hilton / Peyton Manning

Troubled Bridgewaters Teddy Bridgewater

Tebows before Hoes Tim Tebow

Munchen on Bundchen Tom Brady

Brady Gaga Tom Brady

Romophobic Tony Romo

The Neverending Torrey Torrey Smith

My Richardson is pitching a Trent Trent Richardson

Pardon Me Eiferted Tyler Eifert

Cruz Control Victor Cruz

Wilfork on the first date Vince Wilfork

Miller Highlife Von Miller

Welker Texas Ranger Wes Welker

My Ball Zach Ertz Zach Ertz

It Ertz when Eifert Zach Ertz / Tyler Eifert

Looking for the top 100 fantasy football team names for 2015?  You have come to the right place, but just in case you didn’t find what you were looking for.. here are a few other funny fantasy football team name articles to check out:

If you don’t see a player listed that you would like to find the best funny fantasy team name for in 2015, feel free to leave that in the comments section below as well. Some of the more popular searches this year will be for Odell Beckham Jr. fantasy football team names, Tim Tebow fantasy football team names, and Marcus Mariota fantasy football team names.  Feel free to add any decent suggestions below.

Some of the most liked team names for 2015 include Abdullah Oblangata for Ameer Abdullah and Watt me Whip, Watt me JJ for J.J. Watt.  Remember you can vote on your favorite team name suggestions in the comments area below so we know which fantasy football team names to add to the list in the years ahead!

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  1. Bill-ee D. Williams (bills d/st and diangelo williams)

    WR are not the same i am a Marshawn (obviously)

  2. For those that like to ride the wavers “Waver Rider Rodeo” or “Waver Rider Roadie”

  3. For week 5 my team name was “Legion of Boob” as I picked up Boobie Dixon for what I thought was going to be a good week.

  4. ive got O’s in different area codes

    (lynch, dwayne allen, alshon jeffery, randy bullocks [waived], stevie johnson, and steve smith…senior on the same circus of a team made for a disappointing and “O” filled week 4 roster.) you might as well put an O next to my name as gm/coach because thats basically my win pct right now.

  5. My team’s name this year is: Goodell’s Ego
    Because no one can beat Roger Goodell’s Ego!!!

  6. My team name is Beat by a Gurley, I’m one of the few females in my league. 🙂

  7. I got my name for this year. Le’veon Bell pretty much won it for me last year. So here’s one for him and his buddy LeGarrette Blount.

    Blount – For Whom Le’Bell Rolls

  8. Hyde your Cobb, I have V.D. (Carlos Hyde, Randall Cobb, Vernon Davis. And well gotta have a good one for the ladies to pick!)

  9. Last year my team name wasn’t so classy, but it was. Michael Sam’s not so tight end

  10. Tebow’s pearly deflate gates -Tim Tebow
    Chip’s deflated Jesus bomb – Chip Kelly / Tim Tebow
    Champion (more probable than not) – Tom Brady
    Eagles soar as high as Gordon – Eagles / Josh Gordon
    Inflated for Giselle – Tom Brady

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Mike, we should probably have an Always Sunny in Philadelphia team names article

  11. Abdullah Oblongata (Ameer Abdullah)
    Ameer Golden Johnson (Abdullah, Tate, Calvin)
    Golden Brown Tater Tots (Tate, Antonio)
    I Don’t Pop Murray I Rock BradFord (Demarco, Sam)
    Agohlorious Bradford’s (Nelson, Sam)
    Where in the World is Chargin’ San Diego? (Chargers)

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Tim, it has been added as our 3rd JJ Watt team name to the list

  12. Thanks for your suggestion Chris. If Boykin ever becomes a fantasy star, this team name will find its way onto our team name list

    1. Um…there’s an awful lot of guys who AREN’T fantasy stars up there FYI (Ed Dickson, Vince Wilfork, Mike Evans, Mariota who hasn’t even played a down yet). Seems like if you have guys like that Boykin deserves a mention IMHO.

      1. Boykin might not even make the team this year (Many don’t realize he signed a 1 year deal with Carolina).

        Vince Wilfork, Mike Evans, and Marcus Mariota are names we see searched consistently on site thus their inclusion.

        If we get a good one, Dickson will likely be the next to go.. but his name is so easy to make puns out of

      2. How the hell is Mike Evans not a star?!? 1000+ yds 12 td’s with Josh McCown as his qb, if that doesn’t make him a star then no player is one.

    1. Thanks Marcus, we already had this one on the list, it will be re-instated as Bishop Sankey could be a popular topic for team names this year

  13. So I am from Chicago and I had the best idea for a team name referencing a player. Alshon Jeffery = Alshon Huakkbar. Any thought I think its awesome but id since I didn’t see it in any og the name generators im curious at what people think. Also if you make this your team name best not to yell it out in a public place!

    1. That one is already on our top 100 funny fantasy football team names list.

  14. Cruz’in down the field fo’ 6 more (Crusin down the street in my ’64) – Victor Cruz


    Just Gurley Things

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, would love to use this one simply because Eddie Murphy

  15. Thanks Slim, added this one to the list, as everyone will likely be looking for funny fantasy football team names for Odell Beckham Jr. this season

    1. Thanks Chris, someone finally came up with a solid one for Jameis Winston! Adding to the list

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Scott. Don’t think there are many people looking for Scott Mackinder fantasy football team names though 🙂

  16. I came up with “Jameis, My Percy has Crabs!” Referencing Jameis Winston and Percy Harvin with Jameis Crab Leg Scandal.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Scotty, added that to the list, replacing Jameis’ Crab Shack

    1. Thanks for the suggestion zevon.. going to squeeze this one in!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Charles. We get so many “50 shades of” suggestions we could start a standalone article for it!

      We do include many of them in our “fantasy football team names for girls” article which comes out later this summer

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