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Welcome to the quarterback strength of schedule article – 2013 fantasy football playoffs edition.  If you would like to know how I compile the rankings and tabulate scores, that information is at the end of the article.

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I have posted separate charts depending on which weeks your playoffs run, so please make sure to read the appropriate chart for your league.  While you are here, be sure to check out our updated QB Rankings for week 14 (Especially if you are a Peyton Manning owner)

Weeks 14-16

Team SOS 14 15 16
Texans 77 @JAC @IND DEN
Titans 74 @DEN ARI @JAC
Redskins 74 KC @ATL DAL
Chargers 71 NYG @DEN OAK
Bears 70 DAL @CLE @PHI
Chiefs 67 @WSH @OAK IND
Packers 66 ATL @DAL PIT
Raiders 65 @NYJ KC @SD
Ravens 63 MIN @DET NE
Bills 62 @TB @JAC MIA
Bengals 60 IND @PIT MIN
Eagles 58 DET @MIN CHI
49ers 57 SEA @TB ATL
Lions 56 @PHI BAL NYG
Cowboys 55 @CHI GB @WSH
Falcons 52 @GB WSH @SF
Rams 51 @ARI NO TB
Giants 47 @SD SEA @DET
Vikings 43 @BAL PHI @CIN
Browns 42 @NE CHI @NYJ
Broncos 41 TEN SD @HOU
Seahawks 41 @SF @NYG ARI
Jets 39 OAK @CAR CLE
Dolphins 36 @PIT NE @BUF
Colts 34 @CIN HOU @KC
Panthers 33 @NO NYJ NO
Steelers 32 MIA CIN @GB
Patriots 30 CLE @MIA @BAL
Buccaneers 30 BUF SF @STL
Jaguars 28 HOU BUF TEN
Cardinals 17 STL @TEN @SEA
Saints 13 CAR @STL @CAR

Weeks 15-16

Team SOS 15 16
Redskins 57 @ATL DAL
49ers 55 @TB ATL
Chargers 51 @DEN OAK
Texans 47 @IND DEN
Cowboys 47 GB @WSH
Titans 46 ARI @JAC
Raiders 44 KC @SD
Chiefs 42 @OAK IND
Bengals 41 @PIT MIN
Packers 40 @DAL PIT
Eagles 40 @MIN CHI
Bears 39 @CLE @PHI
Broncos 37 SD @HOU
Seahawks 36 @NYG ARI
Rams 35 NO TB
Bills 33 @JAC MIA
Lions 32 BAL NYG
Ravens 31 @DET NE
Vikings 31 PHI @CIN
Falcons 30 WSH @SF
Browns 29 CHI @NYJ
Steelers 29 CIN @GB
Dolphins 27 NE @BUF
Colts 27 HOU @KC
Panthers 27 NYJ NO
Giants 20 SEA @DET
Jaguars 18 BUF TEN
Jets 16 @CAR CLE
Buccaneers 16 SF @STL
Patriots 15 @MIA @BAL
Saints 12 @STL @CAR
Cardinals 6 @TEN @SEA

Weeks 15-17

Team SOS 15 16 17
Redskins 77 @ATL DAL @NYG
Raiders 72 KC @SD DEN
49ers 71 @TB ATL @ARI
Cowboys 71 GB @WSH PHI
Eagles 71 @MIN CHI @DAL
Chiefs 69 @OAK IND @SD
Chargers 68 @DEN OAK KC
Lions 64 BAL NYG @MIN
Bears 61 @CLE @PHI GB
Broncos 60 SD @HOU @OAK
Colts 57 HOU @KC JAC
Titans 56 ARI @JAC HOU
Bengals 53 @PIT MIN BAL
Panthers 53 NYJ NO @ATL
Texans 51 @IND DEN @TEN
Vikings 49 PHI @CIN DET
Packers 48 @DAL PIT @CHI
Dolphins 48 NE @BUF NYJ
Seahawks 47 @NYG ARI STL
Bills 46 @JAC MIA @NE
Giants 45 SEA @DET WSH
Steelers 44 CIN @GB CLE
Saints 41 @STL @CAR TB
Ravens 38 @DET NE @CIN
Browns 38 CHI @NYJ @PIT
Rams 37 NO TB @SEA
Jaguars 37 BUF TEN @IND
Falcons 31 WSH @SF CAR
Patriots 29 @MIA @BAL BUF
Buccaneers 22 SF @STL @NO
Jets 19 @CAR CLE @MIA
Cardinals 11 @TEN @SEA SF

General Stratergy behind this article

Using the fantasy points against courtesy of NFL.com, I go through and assign a point value to each team.  The team that gives up the MOST points to opposing QB’s (MIN) receives a score of 32, while the team that gives up the least points (CAR) receives a score of 1.

Then, going through each teams schedule, I plug in the numerical value, which gives us a rough idea of who has the easiest schedule ahead, and which players could be a let down in the fantasy playoffs.

Here are the updated fantasy points against QB rankings coming out of week 13

MIN 32 ARI 16
DAL 31 CLE 15
JAX 30 BUF 14
TB 29 NE 13
DEN 28 BAL 12
SD 27 STL 11
ATL 26 HOU 10
WAS 25 PIT 9
PHI 24 CHI 8
OAK 23 CIN 7
GB 22 NO 6
NYJ 21 SF 5
NYG 20 TEN 4
IND 19 MIA 3
DET 18 SEA 2
KC 17 CAR 1

Strength of Schedule Quick Links

QB   –   RB   –   WR   –   TE   –   DST


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