PPR Wide Receiver Rankings

Our PPR Wide Receiver rankings are intended for both season long leagues on sites like Yahoo and ESPN, as well as DFS sites like Draftkings.  If you aren’t sure whether you play in a PPR league, ask your commish! You can also check your league scoring and settings.  If there is a 1 next to points per reception, you’re in PPR! FTA will produce weekly PPR wide receiver rankings throughout the fantasy football season!

PPR Wide Receiver Rankings Article Links

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About our PPR Wide Receiver rankings:

  • We publish the articles Tuesday each week during the fantasy football season
  • If you prefer daily updates and LIVE advice, check out our FTA+ DFS NFL cheatsheet
  • Rankings are easy to read.
    • Players at the top of the rankings are the must starts
    • Further down the list you go, the fewer points that WR is expected to produce

Factors to consider with PPR WR Projections

  • Weather plays a vital role.  Rain / snow and cold can all lead to a poor game for a receiver
  • Over / under – The pace of the game, and the number of points scored can directly impact a WR’s performance
  • Opposing cornerback – If your WR is facing a shutdown corner they could have a down week, even if the rest of the team performs well.  Be sure to consider the defensive matchup each week!
  • Key Injuries – If a WR gets injured, the roles of the remaining receivers will change.  If a slot receiver has to move outside, his performance may suffer in a role he isn’t used to.

If you have ANY questions or comments, our free fantasy football community is always available to assist.  We are happy to provide this free service to our 10,000+ members.

In conclusion PPR wide receiver rankings have a number of factors to consider each week. When in doubt, start your studs! Good luck in your leagues this season.