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PPR Tight End Rankings | Fantasy Football

FTA is the leading platform for providing you with the latest projections, stats and analysis from around the NFL. Our weekly PPR tight end rankings are only a small part of what we have to offer! Each and every week we will produce the first run of our projections. If you would like to receive daily updates check out our DFS NFL cheatsheet!

Our full PPR Tight End rankings can assist in season long leagues like ESPN or Yahoo.  They also come in handy if you play on DFS sites like Draftkings that use a PPR scoring system.

PPR Tight End Rankings Archive

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About FTA’s PPR Tight End Rankings

  • Published weekly and updated regularly to account for roster changes and injury updates
  • Our top five are recommended must starts
  • The additional notes section will list important aspects of the week’s slate and potential sleepers
  • You can find live updates with additional statistics and projections on our FTA+ daily fantasy football spreadsheet

Factors to consider when analyzing our PPR Tight End Rankings

  • Take a look at the Vegas odds and lines for each game. Higher scoring games make for better targets.
  • In the same vein, a team projected to lose by a TD or more is more likely to throw the ball and do so often
  • Injuries to the offensive line may be a negative for the TE as they may be utilized more as run and pass blocking help than pass catching
  • Consider the opposing team’s linebackers and whether or not they’re healthy
  • There is little consistency at TE – pay attention to field position. A team that often starts at their own 40 or better gets into the redzone more often, which is where TE is most efficient.

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PPR Tight End Rankings