NFL Guess Who – Freaky Friday 7/20/18

NFL Guess Who - Freaky Friday 7/20/18

An in-depth look at nameless players

Knowing the name behind the stats often obfuscates the real value, or lack thereof, in that player. "Oh that guy? That was just a fluke." or "I love that guy, he had a huge season back in 2013. Won me a ship." So we're going to take a look at NFL player profiles without the name attached, because it's not really the name that matters. See if you can guess the player I'm detailing. Feel free to suggest my next profile in the comments!

The Analytics

  • Despite finishing 4th on my team in targets in 2017, I was 2nd in RZ targets (11)
  • I caught 6 of those 11 targets for a total of 2 TDs
  • 93rd percentile 40-yd time according to Player Profiler
  • Ran route on 77.5% of snaps
  • Only 1 missed game in career
  • 13.3 yds/reception for my career
  • Returned more kicks/punts than anyone in 2017

The Environment

  • 2nd and 3rd most targeted players on my team in 2017 left in FA
  • Those same two players accounted for 34 RZ targets
  • 6 different RBs accounted for ~75% of the team's carries in 2017
  • My team drafted a promising rooke, but not at my position

The Fantasy Relevance

  • I am being drafted 60th at my position in PPR
  • I was 48th at my position over the last 5 weeks of 2017
  • My coach testified that I didn't play at 100% last season

Do you know who I am yet? Have a second look if you need to and don't cheat! When you're ready, please vote on the poll and then you can view the write-up below.

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The Write-Up

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