How to set fantasy football draft order

Gone are the days of drawing numbers out of a hat, or randomly selecting a card to see which pick you will receive.  These days, when fantasy leagues are looking to set their fantasy football draft order, they really go all out with a wide range of ideas.  I’m going to add a few of the more popular picks to our list, and if you have a particularly unique way of setting your league’s draft order, feel free to add it in the comments section below!

How to set fantasy football draft order

Use real life sporting events

Perhaps it is the NCAA tournament, NASCAR, the Olympics, World Cup, WWE or even a darts tournament at 4 in the morning.  Using a real life sporting event to determine your fantasy football draft order is a terrific idea.  Bonus points if no one in your league actually follows the sport! It introduces an element of randomness, and gets every team in your league to cheer for a sport they may or may not actually have any investment in.  What could possibly be better than randomly assigning some of the top darts players in the world to your leaguemates to determine your draft order!

Video Game Tournament

Who doesn’t love a good video game tournament? Time to dust off that old Gamecube, Atari, or super NES though, as setting your fantasy football draft order with video games is even more fun when you make it retro.  Perhaps it is a GoldenEye N64 tournament with double elimination brackets, or a super smash bros melee tourney.  Mario Kart? Street Figther? Mortal Kombat? The possibilities are endless.  If everyone in your league is a gamer and looking for a fun way to set the draft order, put together some brackets, get out the mountain dew and cheetos, then settle in for some hardcore fantasy football draft order setting action!

Tests of Stamina

Want to get creative when deciding how to set your fantasy football draft order? Test the stamina of your league in ridiculous situations.  You can keep it tame with something like keeping your hand on a car, and the first person out gets last pick, then so on. Or get really creative, perhaps its “who can stay in the port-a-potty at an event” the longest.  Whatever stamina test you settle on, it will give you a clear and concise way to determine the draft order as your fantasy football leaguemates will typically fall out one by one.  Just hope no one is so stubborn they decide to keep the contest going for 24+ hours

Pro Tip: Speed up this game by requiring a drink every 15 minutes.


Ever heard the teams in your league discuss how much better they could do than so and so from the NFL on the wonderlic test? Time to put their money where their mouth is! Take a 50 question wonderlic test and top score walks away with 1st pick in your fantasy football draft! Whether you have a league full of braniacs, or just average joes who like to talk smack about NFL QB’s with low wonderlic test scores, this one can be exciting.

Drinking Games

Its no secret that fantasy football drafts and drinking typically go hand in hand, and the ideas for different types of drinking games to set fantasy football draft orders are endless.  Beer pong tournament would obviously work, but if you want to speed it up, and you’re in a 10 team league, set out 10 shot glasses. Fill 9 with vodka, 1 with water.  Whoever drinks the water is 10th pick (and not inebriated).  Now fill 8 with vodka, 1 with water, and so on all the way until you have a winner! The bets part about a drinking challenge like this when setting your league draft order is that the 1st overall pick will be so intoxicated he may pull a taco and draft a kicker first overall!

Eating contest

Perhaps your league is filled with eaters / foodies? You can make the food item whatever you like, but hot dog eating contets are usually the most popular as hot dogs are relatively inexpensive, and its easy to tell when they have been fully consumed.  Set a timer, break out the grill, and get ready to set your fantasy football draft order!


Last, but not least, we have the idea of “the decathalon“. Each of your leaguemates gets to pick ONE contest of their choice.  This way, everyone gets to compete in an event they have selected.  After all 10 events you should have a pretty clear draft order set!

Assign points based on finishing position at each juncture, and by the end determine your league draft order.  Keep in mind the gauntlet is only for the most competitive of leagues, however, it will keep you occupied all offseason.  You can substitute in sporting events instead, using the NCAA tournament, NBA finals, NASCAR races, baseball games and others throughout the summer to keep your league interested leading back to fantasy football season.

Hopefully today’s list has given you a few ideas on how to set your fantasy football draft order. If you have any suggestions feel free to throw them in the comments section below, and good luck landing first pick in your league come draft day!


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