Houston Defense/Special Teams To Own | Week 15

Let me ask you right from the start, how did your first playoff game go? If you won congratulations! You are moving on to the next round. If you win this you are in the championship! If you lost I am very sorry for the disappointment. It’s the worst feeling knowing that you put so much work, and research into fantasy football and you end up falling short. I say never give up, and learn from the mistakes you made this year. If your playoff run ended earlier than expected I say you still try your hardest to keep winning and attack the “losers bracket” with full force. I am here to help your defense/special teams decision! This week I love the Houston Texans defense.

Houston Texans(45%): Houston’s defense is facing a horrible Blake Bottles led offense. Bortles is just flat out terrible, and that’s why I love Houston in week 15. In Bortles’ last three games he has thrown for 200+ yards once and has only thrown 3 touchdowns. The Jaguars offense is not going to get any better, and this is why you should pick up Houston in week 14.

Atlanta Falcons(43%): The Atlanta Falcons just held the LA Rams to 14 points. In this game Rookie Jared Goff threw for 235 and 2 interceptions. Colin Kaepernick has been very underwhelming this season, while the only thing going for the San Francisco 49ers  is their rushing attack, this is a game that could get ugly quick.

Washington Redskins(14%): The Redskins defense has been average as of late. On the other hand the Panthers offense has taken a huge step back. The offense just struggles to put up points, getting blown out in week 13 to the Seattle Seahawks 40-7. I believe the Panthers are giving up on the season as their playoff hopes are now gone.


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