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Half PPR wide receiver rankings are cataloged on this page. FTA’s staff will produce ranks each week for wide receivers.  Ranks, stats and projections can be used for all fantasy formats, however, this article will focus on half PPR.  Current rankings are available below.

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Half PPR Wide Receiver Rankings

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How to read the Half PPR Wide Receiver Rankings

Ranks are user-friendly, therefore reading and understanding them should be quite simple.

  • Players are ranked starting at the top with the most likely to score the highest, then 2nd highest and so forth
  • Players ranked further down are projected to score less than players towards the top of the list.
  • Rankings can change throughout the week for a variety of reasons, which we will cover now.

Factors we take into account for Half PPR Wide Receiver Rankings

Serious factors each week to take into account when making lineup decisions:

  • Weather – If it is rainy, slick or cold there is typically less passing, and it makes the ball harder to catch because of slippery or cold hands.
  • Over / Under – Games with higher projected totals are likely to score more points, and have more passing attempts
  • Defense Vs Position – Keeping an eye on the amount of passing yards a team gives up will give you an idea how many yards your players can earn above (or below) average.
  • Key Injuries –  Watch if a star player is hurt, as it can open up opportunities for previously unknown guys lower on the depth chart.

Need to crush your opponents? Our half PPR wide receiver rankings will be updated each and every week! Be sure to visit our fantasy football forums if you have any questions,.

In conclusion, half PPR wide receiver options can be varied based on a number of factors.  Not sure if you should start or sit a player? Ask in our forums!