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Weekly Half PPR Tight End Rankings

Half PPR Tight End rankings for season long and DFS fantasy football leagues. Prefer daily spreadsheets projections and data? Perhaps you’d like live chat with our analysts? FTA+ DFS NFL cheatsheet program is for you!

Half PPR Tight End Rankings by week:

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Reading the Half PPR Tight End Rankings

  • Our rankings are intended to be easy to read
  • Players listed at the top are expected to return the best fantasy results
  • The farther down the list you go, the worst the expected result
  • Many factors come in to play with these rankings, lets cover those below

Important factors to consider with Half PPR Tight End Rankings

  • Targets – How many targets does the TE receive on average? Sometimes the reception numbers can be misleading, so follow the targets!
  • Weather – Is the weather conducive to receiving? Will the team throw as often as normal? Wind, rain, ice, snow are all factors to consider
  • Over / Under – What sort of pace will the game be played at? The more expected points, the more likely the TE could see red zone targets
  • Key Injuries – If starting wide receivers go down to injury, its likely that there will be more targets to go around for the tight ends.  Be sure to take all injury information into account when deciding which half PPR TE to start.

If you every have any questions or comments, be sure to sign up for a free account in our forums.  We can provide start sit advice throughout the week leading up to Sunday.

In conclusion, half PPR Tight End rankings will be available throughout the duration of the fantasy football season.  We are always happy to help, so thanks for checking us out!


Half PPR Tight End Rankings