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Looking for half PPR rankings for your fantasy football league? FTA has you covered with weekly ranks, projections and stats throughout the season.  We cover the top wide receivers, running backs and tight ends that should find their way into your lineups. Prefer daily updates coupled with LIVE analysis? Check out our FTA+ NFL cheatsheet.

Fantasy Football Half PPR Rankings

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What does PPR stand for?

  • Points per reception.  Basically, how many points are awarded to the receiver simply for catching a pass.  When we say 0.5 PPR that means each reception is worth half a point, and then the yardage will be added as well.
  • PPR is used by many of the most popular fantasy sports websites including ESPN, Yahoo and CBSSports.

Benefits of choosing a half PPR league

  • Creates parity between the RB and WR position.  Workhorse running backs traditionally had a statistical advantage in fantasy football, as they touched the ball more often and had more opportunities to score.  Adding 0.5 PPR scoring helps balance that out (although the league is going more towards RBBC these days)
  • Creates higher scoring leagues.  Lets face it, fantasy football is more fun when your teams are putting up points! 0.5 PPR is the perfect balance between standard scoring and full PPR formats
  • Leading DFS websites like FD use PPR, so if you use it in your season long league as well you’ll better understand the DFS landscape.

Bookmark this page as we will provide regular updates each week to our half PPR rankings that you can use to dominate both season long and daily fanatsy sports formats. If you have any questions, you can always join us in our free forums with a community of over 10,000 members!

In conclusion, half PPR is a nice balanced format that allows for increased scoring, without a ton of parity between RBs and WRs!

Half PPR Rankings