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The Presidents Library of Fantasy Football Team Names

Ever wonder what the Presidents of America’s past would name their fantasy football squads? Well for Christian’s sake, Ponder no longer. Fantasy football has not been around nearly as long as the United States of America. If it were, these would be the presidential fantasy football team names for each of the 43 United States presidents of our country’s past, our current commander in chief, and fantasy football team names for the 2016 presidential candidates as well.

These names are based off of NFL players, presidential nicknames, accomplishments, and mishaps over the length of our nation’s 44 presidencies. Want to view our top 100 funny fantasy football team names?

  1. George Washington – The Fantasy Football Father of His Country
  2. John Adams – In John Adam(s) Vinitieri We Trust
  3. Thomas Jefferson – The Team of The People
  4. James Madison – Little Jemmy’s Third National Bank Account
  5. James Monroe – Supporting the (Eugene) Monroe Doctorine
  6. John Quincy Adams – The Fantasy Football Infrastructur-ists
  7. Andrew Jackson – The Trail of Fantasy Football Tears
  8. Martin Van Buren – The (Doug) Martin Van Buren Muscle Hamsters
  9. William Henry Harrison – Fumbilitis Killed Him within a Month
  10. John Tyler – The Annexation of (Dallas) Texas 1845
  11. James K. Polk – James Don’t Polk Da Bears
  12. Zachary Taylor – The Big Whigs
  13. Millard Fillmore – My Fantasy Football Team Needs to Fillmore Holes
  14. Franklin Pierce – This Means Civil War
  15. James Buchanan – The “Bleeding Kansas” City Chiefs
  16. Abraham Lincoln – The Rail-Splitter Tycoon’s
  17. Andrew Johnson – The Tennessee Tailor’s
  18. Ulysses S. Grant – Ulysses “Unconditional Surrender” Grant’s Soldiers 
  19. Rutherford B. Hayes – The Golden (Tate) Standard
  20. James Garfield – Jimbo’s Ohio Boatmen
  21. Chester A. Arthur – The Steam Powered Engines
  22. Grover Cleveland – The Grover Cleveland Browns
  23. Benjamin Harrison – The Human Iceberg’s
  24. Grover Cleveland – Uncle Jimbo’s Men with Upper Lipholstery
  25. William McKinley – Bill’s Gold Standard
  26. Theodore Roosevelt – Teddy’s Army of Stuffed Toys
  27. William Howard Taft – Big Chief Bill’s Horses 
  28. Woodrow Wilson – Russel (Woodrow) Wilson’s School Master’s  
  29. Warren G. Harding – Wobbly Warren’s Early Exit
  30. Calvin Coolidge – Silent Cal’s Football Roster Commission
  31. Herbert Hoover – The Herbert Hoover Dam I’m Good’s
  32. Franklin D. Roosevelt – FDR’s  (Fantasy) Security & Exchange Commission
  33. Harry S. Truman – The Give ’em Hell Harry’s
  34. Dwight D. Eisenhower – The Eisenhower Expressway
  35. John F. Kennedy – Jack’s Other Love Affair
  36. Lyndon B. Johnson – Landslide Lyndon’s Bullshit Johnson’s
  37. Richard M. Nixon – The Tricky Dick’s 
  38. Gerald R. Ford – Jerry’s Mr. Nice Guy’s
  39. James Carter – Jimmy C.’s Department of Fantasy Football Education
  40. Ronald Reagan – Win One For the Gipper
  41. George H. W. Bush – I Like it When They Call Me Big Poppa
  42. William J. Clinton – Slick Willie, “Head” Coach
  43. George W. Bush – The Dubya’s, George Dubya’s
  44. Barack Obama – The All-Obama Crimson Tide
  45. Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton – The Lost F-Emails
  46. Presidential Candidate Donald Trump – The Trumpster Fires
  47. Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders – The Revolutionaries

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