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Need to find a fantasy football site with reliable updated full PPR rankings each week? Fantasy Team Advice is your go to resource for all projections, stats and analysis for PPR leagues.  Season long and DFS sites like Draftkings both use PPR in their scoring formats.  Click the links below to navigate to the rankings page you require.

Rankings Index: Full PPR Wide Receivers | Full PPR Running Backs | Full PPR Tight Ends

What does Full PPR represent?

  • Full PPR means 1 point per reception.
    • There are many different types of PPR including 0.25 and 0.5.
    • PPR means you receive the full point per reception.
  • This format drastically increases the value of players who see 10+ targets per game

Pros and cons


  • Increases value of slot receivers and receiving backs
  • Leads to more fantasy points scored each week
  • Makes every reception a little more exciting as you look for your receiver to be targeted


  • Decreases the value of running backs who don’t see targets in the passing game
  • Slightly decreases the value of a touchdown, as you would rather have 100 reception players on your team
  • Weights the value of WRs a little more heavily than would be considered “balanced”. With the NFL switching to a pass heavy approach anyway, 1 PPR tends to lead to unbalanced scoring.

Be sure to bookmark this page as we will post updated links to our PPR scoring pages each and every season.  If you play season long PPR or on Draftkings DFS, we have you covered! Our regularly updated DFS NFL cheatsheet covers everything you need to dominate!

In conclusion, there are pros and cons to playing in a full PPR league, but overall it does make for a fun experience.  If you have any questions, be sure to join our free fantasy football community. Thanks for checking out FTA. Good luck in your fantasy football leagues!