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League #27 - Long Snappers (2018)

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Personally, I would have drafted very differently than this guy. I like DeAndre Hopkins, I think he will be pretty good, and I am happy with Alex Collins as my RB1, but outside of that, I am not super thrilled with anything, with the exception of the epic awesomeness that is Jesse James

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Yeah @S460 you did get dealt a project by the previous owner, but the same thing happened in this league last year and the guy who had the team did pretty well, so certainly not dead on arrival!

I'm not terribly disappointed with my team. I zigged when the league zagged and went WR heavy at the top while RBs flew off the board. I don't hate Lamar Miller and whoever starts for Green Bay as my starting RBs as I should achieve RB2 numbers from both most weeks, and I think the talent behind my starting WRs is more than capable of filling in bye weeks.

My weakest pick is clearly Ronald Jones. This was picked I think after seeing him maybe for one preseason game - he's clearly going to be a project for TB this year and he probably will not be used until mid-year, assuming he starts showing up. There's no way I'm getting 5th round value out of him by year's end, but hopefully he can get going at some point this year.

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Congrats on finishing your draft!

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Attention, everyone has now joined! 

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