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League #27 - Long Snappers (2018)

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League #27 - Long Snappers - Commissioner @kflores13

Standard 6 hour pick clock league


    Returning Legacy Members - @InsignificantP @Dr.peterthepainter

    New feature for 2018... increasing league payouts!

    • Each league starts with a base payout of $40 to 1st place.
    • Each time someone signs up for DRAFT.com using our FTA promo code and makes the minimum $10 deposit, the league payout increases:
      • 1st and 2nd confirmed referral = 1st Place +$5 / 2nd Place +$5
      • 3rd confirmed referral = 2nd Place +$5 / 3rd Place +$5
      • 4th thru 6th confirmed referral = 1st Place +$5 / 2nd Place +$5 / 3rd Place +$5
      • 7th confirmed referral $50 bonus will be added to the pot ($25 to 1st, $15 to 2nd, $10 to 3rd)
      • 8th referral+ = 1st Place +$5 / 2nd Place +$5 / 3rd Place +$5
    • Each confirmed referral will also be awarded a FREE MONTH to FTA+ ($25 value) and a link to our 2018 Fantasy Football Draft guide ($9 value)
      • Referrals are eligible to deposit and qualify for this promotion through December 23rd 2018
      • You can claim as many referrals as you like, even if it is for your brother / cousin / uncle etc.

    To claim the referral for your league, be sure the FTA promo code is entered at signup, then send @FTAKJ a message.  You can start your free month to FTA+ at any time of your choosing.

    To join this league: 

    2. Introduce yourself to the league (favorite team, location), let us know that you have read the rules, understand the new payout structure, and are IN!
    3. Once we have 14 members your draft order will be randomized and posted. Whoever receives the 13th pick wins a free subscription to 4for4.com!

    If you have ANY questions about how these leagues work, join our fantasy football discord channel

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    Welcome to League #27 - Long Snappers (2018) FTA League! 

    Big thanks to our returning legacy members @InsignificantP and @Dr.peterthepainter.  I'm @kflores13 and this will be my second year participating in an FTA FFL.  I'm quite the fantasy addict and normally run with at least 20 teams across a bunch of different formats, ranging from friends' leagues, ESPN randoms, coworker groups and my internationally diverse dynasty league.  Playing with people all around the world who have the same passion as you for football and fantasy sports is an awesome experience. 

    I want to encourage everyone to read (and re-read) the FTA rules before we get started and adhere to the general guidance that follows.

    - All owners are allowed a 6-hour pick window. Feel free to take some time to analyze your selection if necessary. For those that have never slow drafted before, expect this process to result in a draft that is quite long, especially since this is a 14man league. If you're coming up on the very end of your window, I will generally try to contact you, but this can be limited by time of day and my occasionally hectic work schedule. Most likely it will be through email and the forum. If you don't want me emailing you, please let me know and I'll make a note of it.
    - With that said, please do your best to make your selection as soon as you have the availability, especially during the early rounds. I know people have lives and other things to focus on so I understand if you need the full 6 hours. The quicker the draft moves along the more fun it gets!
    - If you won’t be able to make your pick, you can reach out to me via email/forum and we can discuss which player(s) you would want and I can make the pick for you. 
    - If a person misses 3 picks they are automatically kicked out.  A vote-kick can also be initiated by anyone wishing to remove a problematic member.  8 votes are required to enforce the kick.
    - Post your analysis here in this forum first (as long as you want the explanation to be)  and then make your pick on the ClickyDraft board. This ensures the next person up gets their full clock, because if it's made on ClickyDraft first then their timer starts even if you haven't officially made the pick here. 
    -The last line of text at the end of your pick, tag who’s on the clock and who’s on deck by using the "@" symbol, start typing their username, and then pick it from the list. 

    1.01 - Todd Gurley II, RB, Los Angeles Rams
        Feels great to pick at #1, thrilled to take Todd, who literally carried my sorry-ass dynasty team to the championship all by himself. I'm taking Gurley shares wherever I can possibly find them, even if I have to overpay. Dude is a monster and the Rams offense goes thru him.
    On The Clock: @Username1 , On Deck: @Username2


    - Trash talk is encouraged, but keep it above the belt.
    - If anyone is interested in expanding their FF knowledge while also helping out the league in the final payout, sign up for DRAFT and play some best ball. The information is above listed by KJ. I use it to my advantage for upcoming redraft leagues.

    Again, welcome to the league, happy to be playing with each of you! The draft will begin once we have 14 players. 
    Thanks for playing!

    Edited by kflores13

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    Good morning everyone. My name is Tony from Missouri. This is I think my 3rd year doing FTA. Maybe this year I'll win! 3rd tigress the charm right. I'm a die-hard Jags fan and following lowest seasons accomplishments I gotta say I really think the Jags are going to the Superb Owl barring any serious injuries. 

    If anyone doesn't have an NFL squad you more than welcome aboard the Jville bandwagon. You just need to swear two things. The Titans are evil and FTColts! Texans are like our little brother.

    Let's go baby!

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    Hey all, I'm Steven from Memphis.  This is my 3rd or 4th year doing FTA.  Haven't done very well but I enjoy the format and having the prep from this for my other leagues.  I'm on the Titans bandwagon this year and looking forward to another playoff berth this year.

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    Heyo! Happy to be back!

    I'm Patrick from Durham, NC. Looking forward to another season. I'm not a huge fan of any particular team but tend to follow the Panthers and Lions due to time I've spent living in NC and Michigan, and latched onto the Patriots during the Bledsoe days when I was a kid for some reason. I'm also into college sports, particularly UNC and Michigan, and soccer (go Liverpool!).

    Excited to get started, let's do this thing!


    Edited by InsignificantP

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    What's up guys? My name is Farhaan, born and raised in Baltimore and therefore a huge Ravens fan. Soooo hype for Lamar Jackson, hope yall saw him dominate yesterday (ignore that terrible interception and his other inaccurate throws). If this was a dynasty league he'd be my no. 1 overall.

    All jokes aside, this is my second time doing FTAFFL so hopefully got the hang of it. Really looking forward to the slow draft, it's great preparation for my other leagues. I actually blame my lack of fantasy success last year on not doing one of these leagues. 

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    Hey guys. If there are any spots left, I'd love to join.

    My name is Ben, and this would be I believe my 4th year doing fantasy through FTA. Or however long it's been since rgIII has been relevant. Won 1st place my first season, and 2nd place the second season. No need to talk about last season.

    Los Angeles born and raised, which would place me in Rams territory. Can't wait for the season to start and to play with you guys.

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