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League #15 - Free Kick (2018)

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The Official Power Rankings 

League 15 - Free Kick - 2018


14. Ittakessomeluck
You started off strong with OBJ, but followed up with one of the weaker RB corps in the league. You're going to have to start your 12th round pick in the WR3 spot for the first four weeks of the season until Edelman gets back. You made some questionable picks in rounds 2-6 with Mixon/Penny/Freeman/Landry/Mack. If you can go 2-2 with Edelman out of the lineup, you might have a shot at the playoffs. Play the waiver wire and make trades. You got some good value on Stafford and Kittle, but not liking the backups you drafted at QB and TE.

13. Whoseverpainter
The early non-Gronk/Kelce TE pick really hurts your depth along with a QB in the sixth round. You started off with two solid picks, but then followed it up with Kerryon in the 5th as your RB2. The lack of potential at RB is the real downfall with this team. There's a decent core at WR outside of your top two receivers that could pay off and become tradebait. You need to find a diamond in the rough at RB.

12. Pakman
I think your Julio pick was by far one of the worst in the first round. You needed a stud at RB. You were going to get a WR1 in the second round, in your case Allen, anyway. Now you have no-knees Ajayi as your RB1 with two yards per carry Lamar Miller and Burkhead/a suspended Aaron Jones to round out your RB corps. You should move some of that WR depth and shore up some depth at RB. You got great value at QB. The Jordan Reed pick is high-risk, higher-reward. Oh and your top 3 WRs have the same bye-week. 

11. Casualboner
You had two great picks to start the draft, but that's where things fell off. You autodrafted Kenyan Drake when there were better options on the board. The DT pick was questionable. Then you went ahead and drafted an early TE in Olsen and a QB in Wilson. You can make a case for Wilson, but taking a TE in Olsen in the 5th hurts your team as you don't have depth at RB. Hunt is solid, and Drake is average. Booker won't be a starter and Powell is likely to be cut before Week 1. Theo, Perine, and Gillislee could be gems, but I'm not buying into those players. You've got a WR1, a WR2, and 3 WR3s. I like the depth there.

10. Packermania
You managed to draft a TE and a QB in the first four rounds. That's going to kill you at the skill positions. You've got a solid RB in Barkley, but you're barking up the wrong tree if you think Hyde/Ivory/Wilkins/Washington/Stewart is going to provide some kind of RB2. You've got two Oakland WRs, one of which will win you two weeks, but lose you ten. You've got the positional advantage at QB and DST most weeks, but I don't see this squad making the playoffs unless you make some serious waiver-wire moves or some one-sided trades.

9. rb345
While you do have a solid WR core, I do see regression coming for AB, Hill and Woods this year. Lee, Sanu, and Williams provide amazing depth at WR. You neglected the RB position too much and it's going to cost you. Lewis is in a timeshare with Henry and Ingram is suspended. Thompson is a question mark with Guice in the picture. That Ekeler pick was questionable. You got really good value with Brees in the 8th and have the best kicker in the league.

8. dchuuuu
You have one of the strongest duos at WR in Nuk and Green. I don't think JuJu will be as productive this year, but still a very solid WR3 with WR2 upside. The RB corps are atrocious. While you do have depth, Collins is the only starter. Cohen provides RB2 potential. Crowell, Williams, Hines are some of the least-threatening RB bench in the league. You've got decent pairs at QB and TE and one of the top DSTs this year.

Your picks in the first five rounds are all average. They should produce in their range, but I don't see any high-upside amongst any of them. Gordon will be a RB1, Evans will be a fringe WR1, Gordon WR2 (if he isn't suspended), Jones/Coleman can be RB2s. You managed to get some value at TE and QB. There isn't much to complain about on this team, but at the same time, there isn't much to hype up.

6. Ricky LR
Huge props for not screwing up the first overall pick. You got the BPA. The Thielen pick is questionable to me with Cousins at QB. He spreads the ball around a lot more. CMC was a great pick. I don't understand the hype for Corey Davis. I'm not a fan of that pick. You got amazing value with Luck in the 8th. He has top 5 potential at QB. Gallup and Wilson and great backup receivers, but I don't like Johnson/Breida/Edmonds. Duke will give you a solid flex, while the other two are a handcuffs.

5. Troubiiie
You waited until the 14th round to select your QB and by doing so, you have the best overall depth in the league. Having Henry as an RB3 is solid. You're missing a WR1, but you have three players that are all capable of being WR2s. With Parker, Bryant, Matthews, and Moncrief as backup receivers. Coupled with the Jacksonville DST, you'll be a force this year.

4. Vikingsfan626
You landed yourself two bellcow RBs and followed it up with 5 starting WRs all with WR2 upside. You managed to grab Cousins and paired him up with Dak, a lethal combo. Your bench RBs are the only thing holding you back from the three-way tie for first. I can't buy into Blount/Dixon/Ware combo.

Three-way tie for 1st in no particular order

You have a solid RB core in Bell/Michel/Lynch and  solid WR corps in Baldwin/Fitz/Kupp. You landed a TE with top 5 potential with Cousins at QB. The Vance and Tyrod picks are questionable, but you wanted your back ups and you got them. I can't really find much to complain about. This roster is deadly.

I have a solid RB core in DJ/McCoy/CJ along with solid WR corps in TY/Alshon/Crabtree. While I don't have depth at WR, I make up for that by having drafted 9 RBs. I managed to get amazing value in Cam and Walker. If LeSean ends up getting suspended and/or Alshon doesn't come off the PUP by week 1, I could be scrambling, however, until that happens, this team will be tough.

You have a solid RB core in Kamara/Freeman/Guice. You have an elite TE. Your WR corps leaves a little to be desired, but all of them are startable with WR2 upside in Sanders/Anderson/Benjamin. You picked up some depth at WR and RB to go along with a deadly Wentz/Ryan combo at QB. This team is solid.

Edited by MrKered92
Changed some cores for corps to appease the commish

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@MrKered92 @dchuuuu

I can't wait to reevaluate both of your assessments at the end of the season and marvel in how off they are. I'm not even talking about my rank, these preseason assessments just rarely ever hold up at the end of the season. Appreciate the opinions though! Hopefully the injury bug doesn't bite too hard this year and let the best player win.

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