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League #6 - Music City Miracles (12 hour pick clock - 2018)

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Matt Prater, Kicker :Lions:


Detroit should have a decently potent offense this year with Tate, Jones and the always under rated Stafford. Throw in the dome at home, away games vs SF, Arizona, Minnesota, Dallas and Miami - and you have 12-13 weeks where kicker weather shouldn't be an issue because either the location is great, or the game is in a dome. The 3 games I didn't mention are in Chicago (week 10), Buffalo (week 15) and Green Bay (week 17). I don't even know if we play week 17 in this league but if we do I shouldn't have an issue finding someone to fill that void. Lets be honest, my line up has so many holes at literally every position that my kicker having a little wind is the least of my worries.

@ChargerstoLA you're up

@Garnuk (Ariel) you're on deck to close it out

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Second to last Boswell

I need a kicker and what better than one on a productive offensive. I know they do go for 2 more than other teams but I still like kickers on high powered offenses. All it takes is one decent catch from Antonio or Juju, or a nice run from Bell and I am in field goal range. 

@Garnuk (Ariel) it is your turn to finish the draft. 

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Congrats on finishing your draft!

4for4.com is offering 25% off a season long subscription using promo code FTAFFL

Don't forget you can increase the size of your prize pool until December 23rd, 2018.  Right now 1st place gets $40 guaranteed, but for each confirmed referral who signs up with DRAFT using promo code FTA we will add $$$ to the pot as well as grant the referral a free month of FTA+ access ($25 value).  If you can make it to SEVEN referrals as a league you'll get all the money added in for each referral PLUS a bonus of $50!

If you have any questions, or want to claim your referral money for the league, PM me here or on Discord.

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Just now, Octoberist said:


Hi there, what happens with the payout now that I've won the league?


Instructions to claim winnings are posted at the top of the forum. Click on the FTAFFL winners banner

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