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League #6 - Music City Miracles (12 hour pick clock - 2018)

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League #6 - Music City Miracles - Commissioner @WeThePigeons

** 12 hour pick clock league


    Returning Legacy Members - @TripleHelix33 @dmai403

    New feature for 2018... increasing league payouts!

    • Each league starts with a base payout of $40 to 1st place.
    • Each time someone signs up for DRAFT.com using our FTA promo code and makes the minimum $10 deposit, the league payout increases:
      • 1st and 2nd confirmed referral = 1st Place +$5 / 2nd Place +$5
      • 3rd confirmed referral = 2nd Place +$5 / 3rd Place +$5
      • 4th thru 6th confirmed referral = 1st Place +$5 / 2nd Place +$5 / 3rd Place +$5
      • 7th confirmed referral $50 bonus will be added to the pot ($25 to 1st, $15 to 2nd, $10 to 3rd)
      • 8th referral+ = 1st Place +$5 / 2nd Place +$5 / 3rd Place +$5
    • Each confirmed referral will also be awarded a FREE MONTH to FTA+ ($25 value) and a link to our 2018 Fantasy Football Draft guide ($9 value)
      • Referrals are eligible to deposit and qualify for this promotion through December 23rd 2018
      • You can claim as many referrals as you like, even if it is for your brother / cousin / uncle etc.

    To claim the referral for your league, be sure the FTA promo code is entered at signup, then send @FTAKJ a message.  You can start your free month to FTA+ at any time of your choosing.

    To join this league: 

    2. Introduce yourself to the league (favorite team, location), let us know that you have read the rules, understand the new payout structure, and are IN!
    3. Once we have 14 members your draft order will be randomized and posted. Whoever receives the 13th pick wins a free subscription to 4for4.com!

    If you have ANY questions about how these leagues work, join our fantasy football discord channel

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    Welcome everyone! Your commish is reporting in. I hope everyone is taking full advantage of this to get ready for your other leagues. You'll need a true miracle if you think you have what it takes to get to the finals in these leagues. As they say iron sharpens iron so let's get some good indepth analysis posted. I've elected for a 12 hour clock for this league as several of us have jobs and life responsibilities. Keep in mind that we do not want to slow the momentum. Please make sure you read the rules and let me or the admins know if you have any questions.

    Good luck!

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    Bengals fan living in Arkansas. Glad there is a 12 hour pick clock this year!

    This is my third year (maybe fourth?) playing in these leagues. Read the rules and understand the new payouts. Let's roll.

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