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THIS LIST IS FOR MEMBERS WHO HAVE ALREADY JOINED A LEAGUE! If you want to join a league, click the red FTAFFL bar up top to find currently open leagues

Throughout the summer, and even into the season, leagues will need to fill spots for votekicked or otherwise inactive players.  If you would like to take over a 2nd team you can post a comment below and your name will be added to the list.

You'll be given 24 hours to claim a team before we move to the next member on standby. Members who go inactive will be removed from standby

  1. @Austn
  2. @devz0r
  3. @Iggles
  4. @IsThisRealLife?
  5. @Vividvervet
  6. @Brian Suchy
  7. @bcrhoawdn11
  8. @captain_qwark_
  9. @TheRealJaxel
  10. @CC92
  11. @Clump
  12. @jldempewolf1
  13. @slivr3388
  14. @BIFLManager
  15. @tkai
  16. @Averyators
  18. @JuanPakwan



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