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2018 Legacy League / Commish Enrollment

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For RETURNING MEMBERS ONLY.  If your league commisioner HAS returned (check the list below) you can sign up as a legacy member for your league to reserve your spot early. To do so just post your username and the league name you would like to rejoin this season (must have been in that league last season)

If your league commisioner HAS NOT claimed the league, you can sign up to commish and claim the league so other returning league members can sign up.  If no one signs up to commish the league it is not eligible for legacy enrollment.  To commish just post your interest in being a commish below. Either pick a league or we can assign the next one in line

League numbers may have changed, but you can only sign up as a legacy member for a league you were in (based on league name not number) and NOT votekicked from in 2017.

Any questions post them below.  Legacy enrollment will be open June 1st - July 8th.  Early bird registration and drafts will begin Monday July 9th.

All returning members are eligible to commish any league they like as long as you weren't votekicked in 2017.  If you'd like to sign up as commish leave a comment in this thread as well

COMMISIONER LIST 2018 Your league must have a commish to be eligible for legacy enrollment:

# League Name Commish
1 The Bungles (Opening July 22nd) TheReidOption
2 America's Team gsharp
3 Pocket Passers (European league) Exilizer
4 House of Pain Trank
5 Dirty Birds thebrokenbox
6 Music City Miracles (12 hour clock) WeThePigeons
7 Superchargers (Opening July 12th) LatinSonic
8 The Kingdom konahopper
9 Evil Empire thorakerley
10 Legion of Boom CodeMonkey
11 Pewter Pirates Eross1010
12 Hail Mary Rather Dashing
13 Bubble Screen samihabib36
14 Icing the kicker EagleEyedPanda
15 Free Kick dchuuuu
16 Intentional Grounding carey3037
17 Fair Catch CamNukeTown
18 Quarterback scramble jesterx7769
19 West Coast offense JayWilly
20 Purple Rain (12 hour clock) kholst
21 Cheeseheads testr
22 Steel Curtain Drewcou
23 Lonesome Kickers DrBeardyface
24 Hogettes dante38
25 Greatest Show on Turf ahook15
26 The Kardiac Kids Wentzylvania
27 Long snappers kflores13
28 Franco's Italian Army CP1519
29 Chop Block offseasonchamps
30 Big Blue Wrecking Crew Jamiecalandro
31 Dawg Pound wits727
32 Armchair Quarterbacks kompanion
33 Monsters of the Midway Daredevil8
34 Raider Nation jamjmont
35 Orange Crush Peeches
36 The 12th Man Coozinator
37 Who Dat Nation MaterialWolf
38 League of Ordinary Gentlemen fsmislife
39 The Black Hole bigDub
40 The 49er Faithful  
41 The Ain'ts  
42 Gang Green  
43 No-Name Defense  
44 Daaa Bears  
45 3-4 defense  
46 Gunners  
47 Illegal Formation  
48 Moving the chains  
49 False Start  
50 Hurry-up offense  
51 Hand-off  
52 Bootleg  
53 Hook and Ladder  
54 No huddle offense  
55 Pass interference  
56 Max protect  
57 Sacksonville  
58 Red zone  
59 Onside kick  
60 Marty Ball  
61 Zebras  
62 Shotgun  
63 Pick six  
64 Special Teams  
65 Run and gun  

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I was a member of league 17 "Fair catch" last season. It shows my commish next to the league name. How do I go about joining up as a legacy? Thanks a lot. Really looking forward to getting in hopefully a couple of league this year!

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26 minutes ago, RussellTheHutt said:

How does one go about joining or commishing a league?

Post your league name you want to rejoin. Must have been in that league last year

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sicarius here for League 7, Superchargers.  Had to sign up on DRAFT as cvrife because someone else registered with sicarius.  I'm in for this year, thanks!



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I'd like to Commish this year. I don't really care which league but I was in the steel curtain last year and my Commish appears to have not signed up yet so I'd take his place if need be. I also took someone's place in onside kick but would rather Commish steel curtain being a Steelers fan and all

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DrBeardyFace here. Played in League 44 Lonesome Kickers last year. Would be interested in playing again this season. I can commish if the previous one doesn't re-register or commish another league if one needs one.

Edited by DrBeardyFace

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