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    • 9.07 - David Njoku - TE - Browns Last season he shared snaps with Devalve but this season he seems to be the undisputed starter. His totals wasn't impressive in his rookie season because of his situation, but he's a beast and with the Browns bringing in Tyrod and drafting Mayfield that can easily change. Tyrod is decent enough that he could make a fantasy relevant tight end out of Charles Clay, so he should be able to do the same or more with Njoku. @antzico you're on the clock @ahook15 in on deck @Roviro is in the hole
    • 5.02 Jamison Crowder - WR  At this point in the draft, it is a bit harder to pick a WR since so many of them possess WR2 / WR3 talent but are in different situations with different factors. So why did I pick Jamison Crowder? Well to begin with, I am too worried that he will be taken later on in this round or the next round, and am not willing to pass on him now and watch someone else grab him later on before I can pick him again. Second, he is extremely undervalued right now. Last season should be considered his floor, he was injured in the beginning and only started to post great numbers after week 8 or so. If you look at the last 8 weeks in production where he was healthy and doing well, he had 44 catches 615 yards and 3 TDs. Stretching that to a full season, he could have had 88 catches 1230 yards and 6 touchdowns and been ranked the #8 PPR WR in 2017. Third, this is his contract year. When a player hits his contract year, more often than not they do better than before since money is an excellent motivator. In addition, he doesn't have Kirk Cousins anymore, he's got Alex Smith. And throughout Smith's career he loves the short and medium throws to wide receivers with good separation. He had a league low 12% of throws to receivers with less than 1 yard of separation. You know who ranked as one of the best wide receivers in terms of separation? Jamison Crowder. Even so, Alex Smith has spoken many times of the great chemistry between him and Crowder in training camp regarding receptions and the redzone. The Redskins already have Josh Doctson and Paul Richardson who will be the deep threats on the outside while Crowder and Jordan Reed will have the short and medium routes. And given Jordan Reed's injury history, Jamison Crowder will eat those targets and produce greatly this season. I am very big on Crowder this year as a solid WR2 and could not stand to take a chance on someone else grabbing him if I waited until next round to grab him. I will boldly forcast that Crowder has a breakout year this year with Alex Smith and finishes in the top 15 WR rankings in 2018. @mellcrisp You're up!
    • Allen hurns was pick. More right up later. @dan.hoff otc
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