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League #47 - Intentional Grounding (2017)

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Welcome to league #47 - The Bungles - Commissioner @carey3037

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Please disable ad blocker while drafting on FTA as we use the ad revenue to help generate payouts for these leagues.

If you have any questions or issues during the draft please contact your league commissioner.  You can tag someone in the forums by using the @ symbol and then choosing their name from the drop down list

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My name is Brian and I'll be your commissioner this season. Please read through the 2017 FTAFFL rules here:  

  1. Everyone is entitled to their 6-hour pick window. That said, these drafts are lot more fun if we have everyone engaged in the process.  Please bookmark this thread and do your best to check back often in order to make your picks in as timely a manner as possible.
  2. Picks should be in the following format:
    1.01 - David Johnson - RB - Arizona Cardinals 
    Here you give a brief explanation as to why you picked this guy, typically plagiarizing some fantasy website or a podcast you recently listened to.  Make it informative, or make it fun - whatever inspires you.
    At the end of your pick, please tag the next two people up by using the "@" (ex: "@carey3037 is on the clock, @__KJ__ is on deck").
  3. Post your write up here first (making your pick official), and then make your pick on the Clicky Draft board. This ensures the next person up gets their full clock.
  4. Life gets busy sometimes with work/family/vacations/etc. If you think you may not be available during your pick window, please send me a ranked list of your preferred choices, and I will make the selection on your behalf. My contact info:
             Email: carey3037@aol.com,
             or just message me here on the FTA forums.
  5. If a person misses 3 picks they are automatically kicked out.  Don't be that guy!  A vote-kick can also be initiated by anyone wishing to remove a problematic member.  9 votes are required to enforce the kick.
  6. Trash-talking is encouraged, just keep it classy.  No racist/sexist/homophobic garbage.

Looking forward to a great draft and a great season ahead.  If you have any any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to let me know.  This draft will start as soon as we have 14 players. 



Best of luck,


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Hey guys! Name is Chad and I'm a Colts fan living in Chicago. Look forward to kicking all of your asses this season!


Edit: Also, I have read and agree to the rules.

Edited by RelicCK

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Hey guys name is Alex. 

Been doing fantasy football for the last few years and love it! 

Fan of the Seahawks. Since before the SuperBowl 

Understand the rules and I'm in

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