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  1. Davidd0726raiders@yahoo.com. Thanks @Tombstone
  2. League is live and people making transactions already. I want in!!
  3. I meant link or invite to gain control of my yahoo team. R we suppose to receive email or something? What's up commish @captain_qwark_
  4. R u saying we can make transactions already?? Hmmm...
  5. Link to yahoo league? @Tombstone. I don't see my name on any of the teams
  6. Lol....I'm grateful @b0jangl3s had mercy on me. Was a fun draft guys!
  7. Sorry missed my pick. But able to change since @b0jangl3s didn't pick yet. with my last pick I select kicker Dan bailey @b0jangl3s is on the clock
  8. 15.13. TE. Jordan Cameron With 209th pick I'll take TE Jordan Cameron. Just taking best available player I guess. Talented player. Gives me a backup.. @Sinnycool is on the clock
  9. 14.2 QB Ryan Tannehill With the 184th pick i will select QB Ryan Tannehill. Taking my bye week and backup QB. not many left and i dont want to be left digging thru the garbage for one when that time comes. @b0jangl3s is on the clock
  10. 13.3 WR Ten Ginn Jr. with the 183 pick i select carolina WR Ted Ginn. Hoping he continues his play from the end of last season where wqe saw him be a potent deep weapon for Cam Newton with 10 TDs. for a backup or fill in on a bye week he certainly has potential for this late of a pick. @Sinnycool is on the clock
  11. 12.2 Kansas City Chefs With the 156th pick i select the . Cant wait anymore. Next pick is 25 spots so i have to go Defense now. I was gonna take Houston @Sinnycool scooped them up. KC has a nice front 7 and Eric Berry. So i guess i will be rooting for the Chefs to lead the league in sacks and lose 3 - 6 every week. @b0jangl3s is on the clock
  12. 11.13 RB Kenneth Dixon With the i 53rd pick, i select RB Kenneth Dixon. What can i say.. trying to build the all upside rookie and sophomore team the ravens backfield is up for grabs and i hope the youngster takes the job. @Sinnycool is on the clock
  13. Wow. @mloveland apologized which he didn't have to do. Are we not allowed 3 missed picks? We can be a little understanding. This draft is moving along at a fast pace. The season don't start for weeks! chill guys @mloveland u got this far man.....take it out on @Donovben in season
  14. 10.2 RB LeGarrette Blount with the 128th pick, i will select RB LeGarrette Blount. Hes a plug and play in the right matchups. NE's big power back they will use at the goalline or to run out the clock. Maybe they play more balance in the first 4 games without Tommy boy. Blount had 703yrds/6TD in 12 games last season and they didnt add any RBS in the off season. Hes the thunder to D Lewis's lightning @b0jangl3s is on the clock
  15. 9.13 WR Michael Thomas With the 125th pick, i select Saints WR Micheal Thomas. At this point looking for more depth of course. Im rolling the dice with my second rookie WR in a row. Going for the potential. Thomas is 6'3 212 so maybe the replacment to MColston. Saints and Brees are pass happy. They had 3 WRs with at least 800yrds/3td last season. Hopefull he can atleast get the production of coleston who had 500yrds/4td and compete with Fleener and be the Redzone guy. @Sinnycool you are on the clock