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  1. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    Nice take.. that was a fun read. Thanks
  2. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    Where's the link? If u sent it by email. I didn't see or get it
  3. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    16.10 CJ Fiedorowicz TE was gonna grab Witten but will settle for CJ. good luck all! @rdmrdm1 on the clock @Bingo Pajama on deck
  4. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    Interesting.. 9 of us, are forgoing or don't have a backup TE
  5. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    15.5 RB. Charles Sims ill take the pass catching 3rd down back. If he can get back to 2015 form when he was 4th in receiving yards for RB this would be solid value @ConNEr on the clock @sotally on deck
  6. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    14.10. WR. Mohamed Sanu some more WR depth now that J Edelman is out for the year @rdmrdm1 on the clock @Bingo Pajama on deck
  7. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    13.5 Joe Williams Rb ill take 4th round rookie, Joe Williams. Rolling the dice. c Hyde known to miss some games every year. @ConNEr on the clock @sotally on deck
  8. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    12.10 Arizona Cardinals D/St Good talented D. NFC west ... bunch of sub par offenses. 1st in forced fumbles and sacks and 3rd overall D in fantasy last season @rdmrdm1 on the clock @Bingo Pajama on deck
  9. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    @ConNEr don't forget to make your pick on colicky draft!
  10. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    2 min left on the clock means he made it
  11. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    I got Robbie Anderson. Lead receiver by default with a chance to dominate the targets with Marshall and decker gone. Tough crowd... I say Cut @rdmrdm1 some slack. We 5 rounds from finishing. We will be done before season starts. @ConNEr ur up @sotally on deck
  12. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    Lol. Sorry man. Maybe a Jason witten connection?
  13. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    10.10 Cole Beasley WR i select Cole Beasley. Time for stocking up on skill positions. He had a solid yr. looks to have a good rapport with dink and dunker Dak. @rdmrdm1 is on the clock @Bingo Pajama is on deck
  14. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    @MCR32 glad u stayed. Would have been a waste off time on your side.
  15. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    I got lucky . If Conner made his pick I would have been shit outta luck and stuck w the auto pick. If Conner time was almost up he would have been auto picked as well. I was waiting for my turn.. got drunk and passed out... as I said earlier.. SORRY GUYS!