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  1. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    @MCR32 glad u stayed. Would have been a waste off time on your side.
  2. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    I got lucky . If Conner made his pick I would have been shit outta luck and stuck w the auto pick. If Conner time was almost up he would have been auto picked as well. I was waiting for my turn.. got drunk and passed out... as I said earlier.. SORRY GUYS!
  3. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    And it pauses overnight for a reason
  4. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    Man . We have 6 hrs. 3missed picks. I assure u I don't intentionally do this. People getting salty! U do realize this is FTA...a slow draft. U know what u got into.
  5. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    I'm sorry guys for the delay. i select WR ted ginn. Need another WR. Ginn comes to the saints to replace Brandon cooks. Boom or bust play every week. He will have an elite passer. Bree's new dep threat. @ConNEris on the clock @sotally on deck p.s. I'm glad the next pick wasn't made I messed up and got auto drafted a backup QB. Sorry again guys.
  6. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    8.10 Jonathan Stewart. RB CAR ill select my RB3 here. Good value I think at this point. He could get in the range of 12-20 carries a game and continue the same role he's been playing the last few seasons. The Thunder to C Mccaffery's lightning. Hoping for 900 yards and 8 td @rdmrdm1 is on the clock @Bingo Pajama on deck
  7. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    7.5. Zach Ertz TE with 89th pick I select Zach Ertz. It was a tough call between he and K Rudolph. Went Ertz cuz J Mathews is gone so he may get some more targets his way. last season he had 106 targets. 71 in the last 7 games! Looked like Wentz and Ertz built a nice chemistry in the 2nd half of the season. Jeffery and Smith are the receivers on the outside. With their talent and speed, should let Ertz see less attention from opposing defenses. There's upside here. I'll be happy w 80rec 900 - 6td. @ConNEr u r on the clock @sotally on deck
  8. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    Check that.... it was @sotally that took Perkins. I thought he would also go WR
  9. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    6.11 Eddie Lacy. with the 81st pick, I select Eddie Lacy. In need of a RB2, there's not much left as far as starting/featured backs. I was hoping Paul Perkins would fall here. I thought @ConNEr was gonna go after a WR. like Perkins, Lacy will get the chance to start and be the guy. If he can stay healthy and keep the weight off, he is definitely capable. If I can get 200/950/5td 30rec, I'll be delighted. @rdmrdm1 you're on the clock @Bingo Pajama is on deck
  10. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    5.5. WR Julian Edelman With the 61st pick, I select Julian Edelman. Like Laundry another super possession WR and Tommy boy's favorite target. ( better if it was full PPRfor those 2). He won't get 160 targets w additions of Cook and back. But he's still the slot, and NE will dink and dunk your ass to death. @ConNEr is on the clock. @sotally is on deck
  11. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    @Bingo Pajama you're on deck
  12. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    4.10. WR Jarvis Laundry With the 52nd pick I select WR Jarvis Laundry. One of the top slot WR in the game. He's a safe floor guy. Not much upside with his high in tds being 4. He might lose some targets with dink n dunk tannihill gone and gunslinger cutler in but I'll rol with it. Give me 90 /1000/5 and I'll be happy. @rdmrdm1 u r on the clock
  13. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    3.5 QB. Aaron Rodgers. with my 3rd pick I select a QB Aaron Rodgers. I wasn't planning on taking a QB early but this opportunity presented itself so I have to pull the trigger on this safe play. hey was last seasons qb1. Best QB on a high power, pass oriented offense. I can trust rodgers to show up weekly. I see 4500-5000 yards, 35-40 tds. And maybe a few bonus rushing tds cuz he's capable. @ConNEr u r on the clock. @sotally you're on deck
  14. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    2.10. Lamar Miller with the 24 th pick, I select Lamar Miller. 50% of picks have been RBs. Backs are flying off the board so I figure I need to get my RB1. He's the featured guy on Houston. He can catch the ball so I can see 35-40 catches at least along with min 1000 rush yards. maybe Hou leans more on run game and def with Watson/Savage. Hopefully it's Watson a running threat at QB usually helps. And more check downs by the rookie. @rdmrdm1. You are on the clock. @Bingo Pajama is on deck
  15. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    Sorry Caps Crew ...........