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    2018 Legacy League / Commish Enrollment

    Heads up to my fellow Legacy Commissioners, email blasts from FTA regarding this thread may not have reached your old league mates. If you haven't already done so, I'd recommend emailing your 2017 people to let them know that legacy enrollment for 2018 is open. @gsharp @Exilizer @trank @thebrokenbox @WeThePigeons @Latinsonic @konahopper @dfsthor @CodeMonkey @Eross1010 @RatherDashing @samihabib36 @dchuuuu @carey3037 @CamNukeTown @jesterx7769 @JayWilly @kholst @testr @Drewcou @DrBeardyFace @dante38 @ahook15 @wentzylvana @kflores13 @CP1519 @offseasonchamps @Jamiecalandro @wits727 @Kompanion
  2. TheReidOption

    2018 FTAFFL Commissioner Registration

    Legacy Commish for League #1 The Bunlges reporting for duty. Looking forward to it! Thanks KJ. Starting 2018 off right with the greatest Bungle of all time... What's dead may never die.
  3. TheReidOption

    NFL Targets Week 1- Visualised

    Awesome work as always man!
  4. TheReidOption

    League #1 - The Bungles (2017)

    Feels like it's been forever since we drafted. Looking forward to getting going today. Reminder: if you want to chat/trash talk during the games a few of us are on Discord: https://discord.gg/XFX8xEe Best of luck, but better luck to me! Your Commish
  5. TheReidOption

    Rate my team - Yahoo 12 team 0.5 PPR draft with bonuses

    I can dig it! I've got McCoy in my main money league also... hope he holds up because it's looking like a run heavy year in Buffalo. Like Kelce in the 4th. Your RB depth is probably your greatest strength - really like that group. Luck in the 12th is a monster steal. Not crazy about your bench WRs but that's by far the easiest to replace on the wire. Overall: A-
  6. TheReidOption

    TB @ MIA officially moved to Week 11 due to Irma

    Yep. Will need to bench Ajayi, Evans, Winston and the rest. Also, Doug Martin suspension will run Weeks 2-4 now. He'll be back Week 5.
  7. TheReidOption

    6 pt pass TD vs 4 pt pass TD analysis

    Great analysis! Thanks for this. My home leagues are both 6PPTD but my leagues here in the FTAFFL and in the NarFFL are 4PPTD. I've often thought about this question but never really sat down and looked at the true VBD differences.
  8. TheReidOption

    National Anthem

    Yeah... we take our National Anthems pretty seriously over here. They're played before every game in every professional sport. Here in Canada the announcer will always ask everyone to rise and remove their hats. In America I think they might ask you to put your hand on your heart. It's meant as a show of respect. I think ultimately it's just tradition and anything that breaks tradition (no matter how silly it is) will always ruffle feathers. It doesn't bother me at all, but for some taking a knee in protest during the anthem is a huge deal.
  9. TheReidOption

    Week 1 Fantasy Football Accuracy Challenge - 2017

    That Billion is MINE!
  10. TheReidOption

    Test thread

    Both tests received. Email 6:24/6:28am ET
  11. This gives Allen Hurns a boost (at least to start the year) IMO. Still only worth a late flyer.
  12. Brutal. Bright side: Stock is up on Anquan Boldin and Zay Jones.
  13. TheReidOption

    League #38 - Illegal Formation (2017)

    Back to back auto-picks... no fun. Remember folks, if life gets busy as your pick is approaching you can always send your commish a ranked list of your preferred choices and he can make the pick on your behalf. Good luck with it 38!
  14. TheReidOption

    Week 1 Fantasy Football Accuracy Challenge - 2017

    I'm in! Let's do this. DK username: RE1Do
  15. TheReidOption

    Fantasy Football Sleeper Picks 2017

    Sorry, just catching up here. With regards to Cobb you may want to give this thread a read. One post in particular stood out to me: I'm afraid I agree. I'm passing on Cobb unless he falls from his current ADP. Late 8th/early 9th ADP is tough when I can get John Brown, Tyrell Williams and Cameron Meredith there.
  16. TheReidOption

    League #56 - Red Zone (2017)

    Sorry to come barging in on your thread but if you're a big analysis guy you should check out our Stats & Analysis Club. We could use more graphs! Also the FTAFFL ADP data post is pretty popular (and relevant). Cheers and good luck this year League 56!
  17. TheReidOption

    League #62 - Pick Six (2017)

    Hey all, KJ had to step out for a bit so I've been keeping an eye on signups here. Looks like you have 14 eligible managers (sorry about that last misfire) and are ready to roll. League #62 your draft has begun! Here is your league draft order: Sign up and Log in to your ClickyDraft Account Then Click here to claim your team on ClickyDraft (set teamname to FTA username) Be sure to BOOKMARK your ClickyDraft Board Congrats to @TheGhostOf_Fpetre2 with the 13th pick they have won a free subscription to 4for4.com (KJ will send your promo code to your inbox). If you didn't receive the free subscription, 4for4 is offering a 25% discount to FTAFFL participants using promo code FTAFFL!! @bensenjensen is on the clock with the first pick. Don't forget to tag the next person up by using the @ symbol and drop down menu that appears. Make your selection here in your FTA league thread first, and then make your selection on the CickyDraft board. While you wait between picks, check out our newest feature CLUBS. Just like subreddits. Feel free to create your own or join an active one
  18. TheReidOption

    League #48 - Bootleg (2017)

  19. TheReidOption

    Vince Wilfork retires a Patriot

    Here's a quote I read:
  20. TheReidOption

    Vince Wilfork retires a Patriot

    http://www.wcvb.com/article/vince-wilfork-retires/11658064 Class act all the way. Love Vince! https://twitter.com/PATRIOTSdotCOM/status/895391937225793537
  21. TheReidOption

    League #36 - West Coast Offense (2017)

    We go live to StraightCASH arriving back at this thread