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  1. 16.02 Matt Prater, PK, Detroit Lions Experienced man. Starts his twelfth season and is very constant, very calm under pressure and he has an strong foot (64 yard attempt successful) Last two years he had over thirty attempts and made at least thirty in the last two years. Same for me this year! And with a solid offense he will make a lot of PAT's I believe he is the best available Kicker and now he is in my roster! @Tomasnz your last pick mate @Jack get ready
  2. Need to show some love and trust in my niners... Drafted in the second round Dante Pettis, WR Young talented guy and brought to San Fran to complete the new look offense. Had a great performance in Washington. His rout running is one of the best in this rookie class. Maybe not the fastest but great rout running is very important.. and he can catch the ball. We will see how it goes and the way he develops. But with great support and coaching he might have a good starting season. And he is a great punt/kick returner. 9 TD returns in a season @BlackEyedMo make your last two picks
  3. 14.02 LA Chargers DEF Well I do not believe that Philly will come back with the strength of last year. But The chargers will be stronger this year! Had a great season last year and will have a even better season this year. Ranked third in points allowed per game. Picked Derwin James for the backfield. Melvin Ingram is a beast (10.5 sacks last year) But the main reason for this DEF is I hope Bosa stays healthy..not like JJ 70 tackles (combined) last year. 12.5 sacks last year. Watch out...he and the whole defense are hungry for more!
  4. 13.13 Jermaine Kearse, WR, NY Jets Had good and bad times with the Seahawks. Since last year he plays for the jets and had a career high season with 65 catches for 810 yards and five TD Sometimes he forgets how to catch the ball but sometimes he is on money With a new qb and hopefully consistent catching from kearse it could be a acceptable season for him with possible 1000 yards @BlackEyedMo your turn
  5. 12.02 T.J. Yeldon, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars Just need a backup rb in case of a injury from leonard fournette... Well there is nothing else I can say about it. @Tomasnz you are up @Jack get reeeady
  6. As @LukDe94 said the bears are able to play a power offense like the rams did last year. It was fun to watch them play last year and I believe that they can be better this year. I need a second QB and I go with 11.13, Mitchell Trubisky, QB, Chicago Bears Well he didn't played like an Aaron Rodgers last year but definitely showed some of his talent! I hope he will be able to put great Numbers on the board. 3800+ yards, 22 TD and 11 INT @BlackEyedMo make your pick!
  7. My next pick is a WR again 10.02, Cameron Meredith, WR, NO Saints Had his breakout season 2016 with the bears, last year he was injured. He went in his second season 66 for 888 and 4 TD. Meredith achieved those numbers despite having a quarterback carousel of Jay Cutler, Brian Hoyer, Matt Barkley, and David Fales throwing him the ball. Starting his fourth season he has the opportunity to play a role in a high-powered offense led by quarterback Drew Brees. He can only grow with this offense... I don't know what we can expect from him but he definitely will have his part in the NO Saints offense this year. A season like he had in 2016 would be a good season @Tomasnz make your pick @Jack get read
  8. I pick in the ninth round 09.13 Mohamed Sanu, WR, Atlanta Falcons The Falcons' addition of first-round pick Calvin Ridley suggests Mohamed Sanu will be relegated to the No. 3 receiver role. But the rookie have to earn his spot. Sanu has proven that he is a solid option. He has not that satisfying stats but his numbers are good enough for me to bring some more depth in my WR spot. @BlackEyedMo don't waste your time and bring the pick back to me
  9. @Tomasnzyour turn @Jackget ady
  10. Okay. It's QB time As a 49er I select in the eight round... 8.02, Jared Goff, QB, LA Rams I wish he wouldn't play in my division but as a neutral person I love this guy. In his second year he demonstrated why he is the franchise QB But not only him, the offense did take a huge leap forward (from last to first in the league in scoring), Goff looked like one of the best in the league in terms of efficiency. He had the 4th highest TD% in the league at 5.9%. His INT% of 1.5 was only bested by Alex Smith, Tom Brady, and Tyrod Taylor. His yards per attempt were second in the league to only Drew Brees. His success showed in the team’s record as well. From 0-7 as a starter in his rookie year, Goff’s record as a starter in year two jumped to 11-4 and included a division championship and a trip to the playoffs Goff filled the stat sheets last year on relatively few opportunities. He was the 9th best QB in terms of fantasy points per game and yet the Rams attempted the 9th fewest passes in the league but still threw for 3800 yards 28 TD and only 7 INT. How will Goff improve this year? Just efficiency,” Goff said of the one area in which he wants to improve. “One thing in particular for me would be completion percentage and getting that up and continuing the get the ball into playmakers’ hands and not take as many sacks and get the ball out to Todd [Gurley] on the check-downs like that. So, just better efficiency and continue to take care of the ball" He and his young coach have one of the best chemistry off and on the field in this league ...maybe a better chemistry than Bill and Brady ever had Also the Rams upgraded their defense...so Goff will stay very often on the field and can produce outstanding numbers! Sounds great to me! I am glad to have a qb on my team who can easily throw for 4000+ yards and 25+ TD One thing the offense and Goff should avoid are the sacks...that is a minor matter. And I love the audibles!
  11. I absolutely hate to decide here and make a rational pick... I wanted to go with a QB there but I need more time to decide So I will go with a RB there... 7.13 Johnson Kerryon, RB, Detroit Lions At Auburn he played solid and good enough for Detroit to trade them up in the draftorder.... I picked him because I believe in his talent too. With a new head coach in Detroit they may will have a good running game for the first time since...yes they will have their first great running game in this season and Kerry will be a huge part of it. And everyone loves rookie RB! @BlackEyedMo your turn
  12. Here my analysis Kupp's football IQ is off the charts, and everyone knows it. He runs greats routes, sits in windows, gives his quarterback lanes to throw the football, and has incredibly soft hands. Kupp’s rookie season was quite impressive, possibly putting him in the race for OROY on a down year. In terms of rookie wide receivers, only Juju Smith-Schuster of the Pittsburgh Steelers could compete with Kupp. He quickly became a favorite target of quarterback Jarod Goff, who frequently looked his way on third down and goal-to-go scenarios. Catched 62 passes for almost 900 yards and found the endzone five times is damn impressive! But in the crucial moments last season he made some unnecessary mistakes...but he can only learn from his mistakes However, he can still be much better than he was last season. And, I believe that he will be.
  13. Going to select 6.2 Cooper Kupp, WR, Los Angeles Rams Busy right now, explanation will come later! @Tomasnz your turn @Jack get ready
  14. So I am not that sure of my following pick but I need him... 5.13 Marshawn Lynch, RB, Oakland Raiders Some reasons why I am not that sure -He is old. Pretty sure this could be his last season -new coach means new system...we will see if he fits -he was an Seahawks player... -it's his second year after returning from retirement But now why i did choose him I don't know how good or bad the defense will be but the offense will be better than last year. Not only because of Nelson because of Jon Gruden. He knows that the weakest point is the o-line and he will do everything in training camp to upgrade the protection for Carr and Marshawn. Also some injured player will return and will make a well-built O-line. Gruden is also a big fan of Lynch and is excited to work with him. During a one-on-one conversation with Lynch, Gruden explained to Beast Mode that he would need to take on a bigger role in 2018. "I said to him: 'I need Marshawn Lynch. I don't need this part-time Lynch. I need full-time Lynch,'" Gruden said, via MMQB.com. Gruden wants him back but as a every down raider what means marshawn needs to put all his talent in the following season. Also marshawn loves gruden “He loves Gruden. We talked about that earlier this week. Mistah F.A.B. said of what Lynch thinks of Gruden. He loves Gruden. He loves what Gruden has told him. He told [Marshawn], ‘Man, I want to get you more involved in the offense.’” The Chemistry is very good! And Last season Marshawn had over 200 touches with 7 TD and 4,3 AVG... He will have a bigger role this year what means give him 280 carries, what today’s feature back gets and what he had with the Seahawks in 2014. And if you include his amount of carries per touchdown over his career, that gives Lynch a big season of 1,344 yards and 10 touchdowns. This isn’t to predict his exact numbers for 2018 but it is a good estimate of the neighborhood he should be in in 2018. @BlackEyedMo you are up @Jack sry, same problem as always
  15. @Jackyou are on deck