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  1. So since Dan pivoted at the last moment, I will use this pick instead of him on. How would @LukDe94 say? High risk high reward style pick 7.07 - Carson Wentz - QB - PHI The biggest concern here is his injury, nobody knows if he will be ready for week 1 or not. What gives me hope is that he is one of last year's most accurate QBs has Alshon and Ertz at his Disposal with a speedy Agholor to boot. PFF had him ranked as the 5th best QB overall, and the 5th most accurate. Thank you very much. And he is a beast when targeting the slot. He might not run as much, and his TD% might come back down, but I am too excited for his ceiling to let that trouble me. The QB class is so deep, I will pick up someone else in the later round to cover my back. This is probably my favourite play of last season: @MRodgers97 let's go, on the clock with @SamKimish on deck.
  2. 6.08 - Jimmy Graham - TE - GB Analysis - he has this man throwing him the ball: Enough said. In all seriousness I see last season as an outlier when it comes to the low yardage. Graham will rebound in a much better offense and with a much better QB. He will be the #1 Red zone target and will be used more flexibly than as the Russel Wilson escape route after scrambling for 20 minutes. I think 700-850 yards are possible and 7-10TDS. The Cliff at TE is real, so I am taking one now. @FFDan on the clock - @Kiwiaragorn on deck.
  3. LastingImpressiveFugu-mobile.mp4
  4. At this stage, I am not a huge fan of anyone on the board, so I will take my 3rd WR: 5.07 - Michael Crabtree - WR - Ravens Kiwi summed it up nicely above. He has been a solid WR3 for the last year's, often outperforming Cooper who typically went above him. Last season he played outstanding and was a red zone threat. I don't care much for Flacco but Crabtree will see more targets than he did last year being the clearcut number 1 WR on the team. His should give him solid WR3 numbers with potential WR2 upside. Sign me up to his celebrations too. Posting this from mobile so a bit shorter analysis than usual, might add some stats later. I will leave you with this gif: @MRodgers97 on the clock, @SamKimish on deck.
  5. @FFDan can left me strict instructions to select Watkins, should @Kiwiaragorn pass on him. 5.06 - Sammy Watkins - WR I am on the clock, @MRodgers97 on deck
  6. Right so, this was a toughie. I have my eye on a few WR's that I am terrified wont come back to me. However, I am still in need of my RB2, so with the 50th overall pick, I select: 4.08 - Kenyan Drake - RB - Miami Dolphins - SEXY SPIN MOVE: I know people are divided about him and so am I but I can't see him not finish in the Top 25 RBs this season, so he should deliver solid RB2 numbers. Remember what I told you about Kamara being great in yards after contact per attempt? Guess what, Kenyan Drake was actually better than him. In fact, Drake performed historically well: While this is a small sample size, it's still impressive. And with a better QB at the helm, defenses are less likely to stack the box, which should get him more yards before contact. Furthermore, the Oline has been improved with the additions of LG Josh Sitton (Arguably Top-5 LG in the league) and a new center to boot. My only concern is the situation with Gore and that rookie - can never remember the name - I just hope he wont be a Ballache for me this year. Here's to a season of Drake flashing more of that elusiveness and 4.45 speed, even the camera's cant catch him: @FFDan you are up, with @Kiwiaragorn on deck.
  7. @MRodgers97 (still on holiday) selects at: 4.07 - Rashaad Penny RB - Seahawks I am on the clock, @FFDan is on deck.
  8. @Tomasnz you are on deck, tagging as it did not work above.
  9. 3.07 - Stefon Diggs - WR - Vikings - Well I can, even though as a Packers fan drafting a Viking hurts a little inside. It's late so I will keep this brief, this guy runs some of the crispest routes I have ever seen & he is 4.4 40yard dash fast. See you later! Screens, Go Routes, slants, swim moves he can do it all. He's only 6 foot tall, but boy can he jump (see above). My main concern is the amount of mouths to feed at the table in Minnesota, but I do like Cousins and can see the two play together really really well. Laters! @MRodgers97 is OTC, with @SamKimish on deck.
  10. Nice edit - Quality gif πŸ˜‚
  11. 2.08 AJ GREEN - WR - Bengals Honestly delighted that one of the best deep threats in the league has dropped this far. Pros: While he had a seemingly bad season last year he still quietly recorded over 1000 yards on 75 receptions. What draws me most to him however is the absolute insane volume of targets that he sees, an average of 125 over the last 3 years & 143 last year. I like to follow the volume and let's face it it will be there this year. He has recorded nearly 15 yards per reception over his career. For comparison that is better than Beckham, Brown and Hopkins. Tyler Eifert and John Ross should keep defences honest and stop them from double teaming Green for a full game, and he will have a chance to get one of his dangerous routes off (see video below) Cons: The Bengals O-Line last year was terrible, and by that I mean absolutely diabolically and truly awful. They were ranked 28th in the league and did not give Dalton enough time to find his star receiver. A couple of off season additions should fix that, including first round pick Center Billy Price. Andy Dalton for me is in the bottom 10 starting QBs in the league. His average air yards is way down the charts and he throws a lot of wild Interceptions year on year. However his arm strength and quick release to find AJ Green in behind the defense are probably underrated. ajgreen.mp4
  12. Selecting Green so that @FFDan can get his pick in. Detailed Analysis later on.
  13. @MRodgers97 selects Freeman RB Falcons. Which leaves me on the clock and @FFDan on deck.
  14. Pick #7 turned out to be a much tougher spot in the first round than I imagined. I was dead set on Barkley, but as always happens he got drafted just before. Now I had to re-evaluate everything and eventually arrived at the following conclusion: My brain thinks Hopkins, but my gut tells me to go with a highly risky pick: 1.07 – Alvin Kamara – RB – Saints : Pros: -Those juke moves – This man makes people make miss tackles like nobody else, in fact he led the league in missed tackles forced per touch last year. -Yards after contact per attempt – Again Kamara led the league in this last year despite his size - see him shredding the Panthers below: -His receiving work is outstanding, his 81/826/5 receiving stat line from last year made him effectively a top-25 WR. So, you are drafting someone with massive RB1 potential with a WR2 floor at pick 7. Very few players fit that description. I see him getting 100+ targets in the receiving game once again. -Ingram suspension – Kamara will use the first 4 games to fully assert himself as the feature guy in the NO backfield & this may make up for any shared duties later in the season. -The Saints O-Line is a lot better than many people think. When it comes to passing it was ranked #1 by PFF for last season – and I am primarily drafting Kamara because of his incredible receiving potential. According to NFL.com Saints RBs gained about 0.87 yards per carry before defenders closed within 1 yard of them in 2017 – leading the league. Ryan Ramczyk had an incredible rookie season at RT, the Saints used two picks this year in the draft to further deepen their O-Line roster and LT Terron Armstead will be back from injury. Cons: -Low number of carries – last year his highest amount of carries in a single game was only 12, however I expect this to increase following his rookie year -Sharing duties following Ingram’s suspension: I am worried about this, but in the last few games of the year he outsnapped and outcarried Ingram. Hopefully that is a sign of what is to come this year. -Efficiency typically regresses, but his increased volume should take care of decreased Yard per catch or carry. @MRodgers97 Is on the clock. @SamKimish is on Deck.
  15. @LukDe94 in before Zeke gets suspended again!