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    League #54 - Max Protect (2017)

    Your replacement player from the standby list will be @Exanthem. I have sent them the ClickyDraft join details, and they should be along shortly to introduce themselves. Per the rules, when they join the league they are allowed to undo the last auto-draft that was made if they like. Only rule is that they can’t select a player who has already been chosen (before or after their pick)
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    League #30 - Daaa Bears (2017)

    EVERYTHING IS IN YAHOO THANK GOD @Hallaa1 @GodBlessFootball @18andone @b0bs4g3t @Zwindler @gsubs200 @drew_carnegie @Matt1452 @KingNdamukong @elemem @Well_thatwas_random @Christian8 @Jon Slow
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    @Usmaan and @StudlyDingDong if my 11 PM analysis is right it appears you two haven't joined the Yahoo League yet. I just sent another invite to your email you registered for FTA with, so be looking for that. StudlyDingDong, check your sister's email too, lol.
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    When to look toward 2018?

    Personally, I usually wait until after week 4 before I start moving my high draft picks, or at least i try to. It takes a lot of my willpower not to panic though. I look back at a season where I once went 0-4 and won the ship. You never know how things are going to shake out. I wouldn't make any moves if I had your team, except maybe trading Martavis for an RB2 I guess. I'd rather lose the season than smack myself for trading away AJ Green or whomever. That's just me though, everyone plays the game differently.
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    Jordan Howard or JJ Nelson?

    I would probably lean toward Howard in this case, but you're right neither are confidence inspiring. Pit is not a good matchup for Howard, but I'm not ready to give up on him like a lot of people seem to be. Pit has given up the 10th fewest points to RB's this year, but they've only gone up against Crowell and Dalvin Cook. I'd say that Howard is a better RB than either one of those guys. It's definitely not an easy decision. If either one were at 100% I'd probably lean toward the healthy guy. It should be noted that I am probably in the minority on this one. I'd be willing to bet that 9/10 people will tell you to start Nelson.
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    Garcon or JJ Nelson?

    Personally I would roll with Nelson if John Brown is out. Palmer seems to be looking his way enough to justify it. Even when John Brown was playing he got 6 targets and 5 receptions. He almost had 2TD's last week rather than one. Dallas is a better matchup for WR's, although admittedly Dallas had to go up against DT and Sanders so that may have skewed the numbers. If you decide to play Garcon, don't put him in your flex. Just in case you have to make a last minute change on Sunday, you want your flex open to maximize versatility.
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    NFL Targets Week 1- Visualised

    Hi gents, I have been to the visualisation den again and come up with something that lets you see targets per team quite nicely: Link to Full viz here: http://ffdataviz.com/nfl-targets/
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    Week 3 Accuracy Challenge

    Click to join the week 3 challenge - https://www.draftkings.com/draft/contest/44868341 Top 3 finishers receive cash prizes via paypal - 1st $5, 2nd $3, 3rd $2 We are also tracking season long results, you are awarded points based on money won. Overall season champ wins $20. Contact me via PM here in the forums to claim all prizes!
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    El Jefe 92

    Week 2 Flex Help

    10 person league, I'd go with Cohen. With Howard dealing with a shoulder injury, he may be slightly limited. Bryant would be my 2nd choice. I think Bryant has a better game this week. 12 person league, I'd probably lean Cohen again but Kupp is right up there. I think he's going to have another solid game this weekend. I'm debating on starting Kupp over Garcon. Tough call on the trade. If either Martin or Murray went down with an injury, you'd fall into a great situation. Coleman is in the same boat though. If Freeman suffers any injury, Coleman becomes the man. For this week, I'd say Rodgers would be a better play than any mentioned above. Rodgers will only have value for another couple of weeks until Martin returns so we are essentially talking about trading 1 handcuff for 2 after Martin returns.
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    Considering your team, I like the Thomas pickup. You were never gonna start Powell anyway and Thomas should be an upgrade, although I love Diggs this year.
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    El Jefe 92

    Who to drop for Charles Clay?

    Drop Carson. There are too many mouths to feed in Seattle at this point. Their OLine is awful again. After this week, pick him back up if he is still there but I just don't see Carson being a highly valuable player unless Rawls goes down with a long term injury.
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    Option 2 I think is the only one I go with at this time. But I do agree with KJ to wait it out one more week and you should be able to field a better trade.
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    The same solid defense that the Jags looked great against last week? Bengals will be able to move the ball tonight, Dalton bounces back and has a solid game. I think White is the back to own in NE, I would keep him!
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    None, stick with Eifert. If you must drop I'd drop Carson but I do love him!
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    Week 2 PPR WR

    PPR I'm taking Dez and Pryor from that group. I know its a tough matchup for Dez, and I personally love Maclin but its too early in the season to be benching Dez I think
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    Ok, all picks have been assigned and I have started the season. Let me know if anybody sees any issues.
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    League #54 - Max Protect (2017)

    Good news, he responded and said picks will be in tonight. Had been swamped with school but league should be input and ready for week 1
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    League #48 - Bootleg (2017)

    So sorry for the delay -- I've been moving with family and haven't had internet for a week. I've joined and changed my name.
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    League #48 - Bootleg (2017)

    Friendly reminder to check your email and sign up for the fantasy site. Papa has some waiver wire and trade work to do before Thursday!
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    Dude, I don't fucking know... @EagleEyedPanda and I decided on a trade for Snead earlier this week. You know, because I just lost two receivers over the weekend. Fucking hell. πŸ˜‚πŸ”«
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    League #23 - The Ain'ts (2017)

    There's also a Yahoo league for you to join - if you haven't yet gotten the email it is League ID 1126485 if you can join at your earliest convenience. Many of us have been waiting to view our squads for the better part of a week. Thanks for joining πŸ˜‰
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    Yeah, essentially I'd just move to his Rd 7 slot (which, if things go the way I hope, will be earlier in the round). Otherwise you're right on. Appreciate the insight. These are offers I'll be making, and my goal is to make the Thomas one appropriately more costly, pushing him toward the Robinson offer.
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    11.02- Denver Broncos, DST Don't want to stream defenses in a 14 team league full of redditors. @omarmatic is up, @RebelK on deck
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    League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    Nice take.. that was a fun read. Thanks
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    League #60 - Quarterback Scramble (2017)

    10.09, Matthew Stafford QB Det I needed a QB badly. Matt Stafford airs the ball out a bit. Seems like a match made in heaven. @Eagles @RebelK, welcome to our league. Sorry you have 3 QBs
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    A link to the league as well: Yahoo League @Groot'sWavyDickArms @Joabsher @BiggBiscuit @Peek Daddy @steelsound @sraiderguy @Kmac @mfroelich13 @kgrm @Kdem2357 @jawsus328 @SirT8
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    11.6 Phillip Rivers About time to pick a Quarterback before too many teams take backups. He could easily finish as a top 10 QB and thats not bad value for how long I've waited to draft a QB. He has a cannon for an arm. If Keenan Allen can stay healthy he has 3 great targets to throw the ball too and that will help keep defenses spread out. Thanks for all the reading material to keep me entertained. I shall repay everyone by drafting such an amazing team so just sit back, relax, and watch me drop dimes on you all. Also @B3lang3r you're up! P.s. @JustHereSoIWontGetFined here's your reminder to remind @B3lang3r that his turn is up soon. Keep doing you man
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    League #30 - Daaa Bears (2017)

    @DaBears19and0 I am just wondering when you plan on inputting the rosters on Yahoo. I'm in no hurry but if a big injury were to occur and there's a decent pick up available, it might be a little bit complicated as there is no way to do anything about it right now. Also just wanted to say thank you for a decent draft guys. I was just added to another league via the standby list and it is definitely not the same. Although I was added late in the draft, only half the members have been including write ups and it seems every 3rd pick is an autopick. If it's not an autopick, the pick isn't made until the clock is under an hour. They started their yahoo league a few days before us and they still haven't had 3 teams join. So just wanted to say thanks for a better time lol
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    League #23 - The Ain'ts (2017)

    Gonna give @cactusjack42 a chance to join the league. The last few rounds were hard to keep up with. If he doesn't join the league by Friday then I'll pull for a replacement. As far as team names go, I'm cool with you making something funny and by playoff time switching to your FTA names so we can easily set the winners.
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    With pick 15.13, I'm going Jaron Brown - WR Arizona Cardinals I'm not drafting a kicker and defense if I don't have to (especially this late in the game, that's just silly). I would rather have 2 more lottery tickets I can hold til the start of the season to see if anything pans out between now and then. John Brown deals with his leg issues, and I like Arizona's offense. Let's see what happens! @SkiBum90 you are OTC and on deck for your last two picks! Make 'em count!
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    League #56 - Red Zone (2017)

    Stuff is crazy right now but changed my pick. Looks like if we get through the night tonight stuff should settle down.
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    League #48 - Bootleg (2017)

    Two rounds left folks!
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    Hey guys. I'll be taking over Team 4. I don't think I'll have many problems at QB this year I'm RebelK. A big Green Bay fan from London. Haven't participated in this type of league prior to this year but have been playing fantasy football for a few years now. I've read the rules and ready to go :-)
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    League #53 - Pass Interference (2017)

    I feel bad about it. We don't need to roll picks back I just mostly want to stay in the league because this has been fun. I just always get on the clock at the worst times
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    Great work guys! I'll get the rosters uploaded today, all undrafted players will go on waivers. Let me know if you have any questions.
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    Congrats on finishing your draft! Don't forget 4for4.com is still offering 25% off a season long subscription using promo code FTAFFL The draft is over.... now what? - Join a club (or start your own) here on FTA Join the FTA Discord to interact with the community all season long.
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    Pretty sure that, in the spirit of fairness, they need to go to waivers considering that Hogan is likely about to be worth a considerable amount of FAAB.
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    That feeling when you don't make plans Friday night so all you have to do is wait at your computer for your draft to keep going...
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    WDID for Oliver tonight?

    After watching Kupp yesterday I'd be picking him up in every league where he is still available. Guy looked like the real deal, and the Rams offense was terrific (although the Colts probably factored into that)
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    League #63 - Special Teams

    Very sorry everyone. It was the first day of class. I was busy all day. I picked a kicker because I needed one. 16.10 Sebastian Janikowski
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    League #53 - Pass Interference (2017)

    @RobFordCrackLord You are in danger of getting booted from the league if you don't sign up for the Yahoo league. This is pretty much the last warning.
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    League #63 - Special Teams

    15.6 Tarik Cohen This rookie made the Arizona Defense look silly in the 2nd preseason game when he got a chance to play with the first team, then the Bears hid him in the final 2 preseason games. Chicago doesn't have a lot going for it on offense, so they are going to be running the ball a lot and I think Cohen will get plenty of carries and catches. @Gronky Kong is up. @SamKimish is on deck
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    Trade help

    Trust your gut. Hunt should produce solid RB2 numbers, at worst. He has top 15 potential. Matthews is in a crowded receiving corps on a team that favors the run.
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    lost it in the office at your sage wisdom quick on the dra....fting of def this league is, mhmm.
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    League #63 - Special Teams

    12.11 - Malcolm Mitchell I was honestly about to grab someone else and hope that Mitchell made it back to me, but then I googled Mitchell and found out perhaps the best random fact about him: He FREAKIN LOVES reading. You know how when you google someone and their recent tweets show? Well, first I noticed that he had quite elegant vocabulary... then I realized that the excitement he was expressing was about a book he just read or wanted to read. If you read no other draft comment for the rest of this draft, PLEASE at least click on this link (preferably on a computer with sound turned up): https://www.readwithmalcolm.com/ All this to say, this guy is a great guy, and I think he's really set up to succeed with the Patriots this year. We saw flashes of his talent and athleticism last year (Super Bowl, weeks 9-12 when he had 21 catches for 263 yards and 4 TDs). Plus, he's clearly a smart guy - and the Patriots like smart, hardworking people (minus Gronk, but he's otherworldly good so it's ok). @Dakstreet's Back is up and @KingInTheNorth11 is on deck.
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    League #64 - Run and gun (2017)

    Thanks for the second ping, Didn't get the first one i guess... I'm taking Jamaal Charles. Dude was a first/2nd rounder last year, not a bad stash this late in the game @Prodikon is up
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    @RelicCK, I guess the best way to make my picks count is to fill the vacant D/ST & K positions! 15.14- Steelers D/ST I still hate the Steelers, but 10/14 teams in the league already have a D/ST & PIT has a tasty Week 1 matchup against the Browns. 16.01- Dan Bailey (K-DAL) 99% of the time, I stream this position. I expect DAL vs NYG to be a high scoring affair (considering how bad the DAL defense is), and Bailey is honestly one of the better kickers in the league. @RelicCK, you're on the clock for the last time! @realdealdynasty, you're on deck!
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    League #57 - Onside Kick (2017)

    Apologies for auto picking. I had been traveling and honestly been distracted by everything going on with Hurricane Harvey with friends and family back home. I should be good to go for my next pick.
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    League #57 - Onside Kick (2017)

    I'm gonna reiterate this. He has autopicked his last 3 I believe. Really tired of waiting 6+ hours to pick.