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    • Hi sicarius, Sorry I didn't see this earlier.  I've been working hard getting our MLB products set up for the season ahead, and haven't had time to publish the  articles.  I have been available in chat each night to discuss my favorite  plays, but it takes a lot of time to put together both our season long MLB draft guide and our DFS MLB daily cheatsheet for the season ahead. Let me know what issues you are having with your account.  You can either respond here, contact me via email kj@fantasyteamadvice.com or find us on Twitter @FanTeamAdvice
    • Hello all, I'm just wondering where the articles on the NBA have gone (missing since the break), because I play on DK, not on Fanduel, but that's all I see being addressed presently.  KJ appears to be missing in action with advice/articles.  I'm also wondering if anyone is having site issues despite already having a monthly account set up.  Thanks in advance. sicarius
    • Have to email me to claim it.  Details here https://fantasyteamadvice.com/forums/topic/8705-congrats-to-ftaffl-winners-how-to-claim-prizes/
    • Id stick with Kaep, his feet give you a safer floor than the other guys
    • Derek Carr was my starter he is out.  Colin Kaepernick is my backup.  Should I start him or pick up a free agent?  Barkely, Alex Smith, Matt moore, Laundry Jones are available.
    • Message from KJ regarding payouts. Congrats on a fun season guys. See you next year.
        Congrats everyone who finished either 1st or 2nd in this year's FTAFFL. To claim your winnings:   Be sure to send email from your registered FTA email address. Had someone try to claim they were one of the winning teams, but didn't send from the registered FTA email. Turned out they were trying to steal the winnings. Set your team name on Yahoo to your FTA username Email kj@fantasyteamadvice.com with your League #, FTA forums username, and yahoo league homepage URL so I can verify. Include paypal email address in your email Any questions post them here. Thanks for participating and see you next year! If you enjoy the FTA community we do encourage you to check out FTA+ as we provide daily projections and chat for DFS NBA, NFL and MLB   All payouts should be processed by January 10th