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    • I'd drop Luck now.  I'd aim for Ryan first of those options.  Dalton has some nice matchups, but also some very difficult ones.  I'm skeptical of Smith, but I'd put him slightly ahead of Dalton.  I have Carr last
    • 2 QB league and the options are pretty limited.  I have Palmer and Winston.  The Buc's beat writers are saying Winston isn't going to play.  If he does, I don't think he'll be effective.  I'd be shocked if he played since he's only thrown 1 pass at practice this week.  My streamer options are as follows: Ryan Fitzpatrick at the Bills - he looked great last week but it's a tough matchup Josh McCown at Miami - best game of the year last week against the leagues worst defense.  He seems like a safe option but pretty unexciting Kizer against Tenn. - God help me if I have to start a Cleveland QB but at least the matchup is there CJ Beathard against Dallas - I'm biased being from Iowa and a Hawkeye fan but he seems like the option with the most upside.  He's not the most talented guy but he's gritty, athletic and can play.            Dallas just came off a bye which I don't like but they haven't been good on Defense this year.   I'm leaning Beathard but McCown and Fitz seem like safer plays. Thoughts?  
    • No probs : - ) I'd rather have Ryan but I also wouldn't overpay for him since it's really not a given he turns things around. If you're stuck with Palmer that's fine though. I'm not sure I'd trade Palmer and Fuller for Ryan though since Ryan has been pretty bad so far and Fuller stands a good chance at continuing to return WR2/3 value. If you can either do a straight up trade or find a lesser player to throw in I'd go for it though.
    • First off thanks for taking the time to give such an in depth answer. I'm just so frustrated with Luck I'm going to drop him but your right, waiting until Saturday makes the most sense.  I have Winston so I may have to drop luck for Fitzpatrick if Jameis can't play.........question, would you keep Palmer and roll with him or trade Palmer for Ryan?  Seems like Palmer has been producing and the TDS are finally starting to come.  I'm nervous Ryan stays mediocre all year but I have a gut feel Ryan turns it back around.  His schedule is too good.  Who would you rather have Palmer or Ryan?  Thank you again @Khurtz...the advice is greatly appreciated 
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