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  2. WR2 and Flex help...

    PPR League...1st round of playoffs. Need help at WR2 and Flex.... Davante Adams at Carolina J. Gordon against Baltimore Hunt against Chargers Shepard against Eagles Tate against Chi. Crowder against AZ Seems like the right choices are Adams and Hunt. Thoughts?
  3. WR2, Flex and TE help....

    PPR league. Could use some help deciding on my WR2, Flex and TE..... AJ Green at MN with a tough matchup against Rhodes Goodwin against Ten. Tate against Chi....didn't do much against Chi last game so I'm hesitant to put him in. Hunt against the Chargers Leaning Green and Hunt but I'm worried about Greens matchup. For TE: Clay or Olsen but on the waiver wire are RSJ, Howard, Brate, Watson, Shaheen, Anderson and some other scrubs. Leaning Clay but it seems risky.
  4. 2 QB league...need help deciding who to start. Pick two: Matt Ryan at TB Jimmy G against Ten. Foles at NYG I think I'll go Matt Ryan but not sure if I should go Jimmy or Foles for my QB2.
  5. Week 15 - Who to Start?

    I'd probably go Jeffery or Westbrook. Murray hasn't done much and that offense is bad. Davis has a tough matchup. Barber is going to split with Martin. I don't trust TY vs Denver with Brisset; he's too boom or bust for me. I'd roll with Jeffery. Foles is a decent QB and has a matchup that's hard to pass up. The only worry is if they have a connection or not. He could look his way 10 times or 3 times, you don't really know. I'd guess he pummels him with targets. Westbrook has a great matchup also but I think I'd trust the Eagles before the Jags. For me it's a toss up between those two WRs.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hey guys, looking for some quick start/sit advice in this playoff matchup! Need 1 Flex. Options: Alshon Jeffery @ NYG, Dede Westbrook vs. HOU, DeMarco Murray @ SF, Mike Davis vs. LAR, Peyton Barber vs ATL, TY Hilton vs DEN. Thanks and good luck all!
  8. Week 15 Accuracy Challenge | 2017

    Hey @__KJ__ thanks for doing this every week! Which week are you going until?
  9. Last week
  10. Our week 15 fantasy football accuracy challenge is a completely FREE contest with cash prizes available to the winners. No referral codes or offers to complete, just join and play! Top 3 finishers receive cash prizes via paypal - 1st $5, 2nd $3, 3rd $2 Click to join the week 15 challenge - https://www.draftkings.com/draft/contest/50949517 We are also tracking season long results, you are awarded points based on money won. Overall season champ wins $20, 2nd place in season standings wins $5. Contact me via PM here in the forums to claim all prizes!
  11. Week 14 Lineup advice...

    I think your highest upside play at this point would be Hunt and GOodwin. Perhaps Hunt can regain that early season form
  12. Any changes?

    Think it looks good as is. Tough spot for Keenum today
  13. Any changes?

    In a 2 QB league with a points premium placed on QBs, non ppr Is there anything you’d change about my current lineup? I also have Jacksonville D as an option that doesn’t appear below Russell has a bit of an unlucky draw but I don’t think Keenum is his answer? Rough RB situation after injuries but they’ve been somewhat serviceable given my WR clout. Any suggestions before round 1 today? Thanks
  14. 1st round Start help

    QB is tough but I'd probably go Carr. At Flex, it may be crazy but I like Goodwin quite a bit this week. I'm pondering starting him over guys like Howard and Tate. I read that Bernard may not get a 3 down workload. If you need safe points, I'd probably go with Bernard or Dez but for a home run, I'd probably go with Goodwin. FWIW, I'm just not a Dez fan so I may be undervaluing him without Jenkins. Many of the experts have Goodwin ranked quite a bit lower than Dez.
  15. Full pt PPR Really struggling with my QB and Flex option QB Keenum vs Car who has not done well vs the pass or McCown who is going up a struggling Den D Flex Dez vs NYG good matchup with Jenkins out but hard to trust him Bernard vs Chi will get a heavy workload since Mixon is out M.Goodwin vs Hou much better now with a Qb who can get him the ball Last option is replacing Burkhead with Bernard and that would allow me to play Dez at the Flex Much needed advice, thanks!
  16. Dez got dropped

    Dez got dropped during waivers. Is he worth a pick up? Who would I drop? I know he has been struggling so idk. thanks for the help
  17. Week 14 Lineup advice...

    All good man...thanks for the advice. I need big points in this league. I started Matt Ryan, Kamara and Lutz last night who all had terrible games. Kamara looked like he was on his way to a big night but got a concussion on the first drive. @__KJ__ What are your thoughts? I need a big week out of my RB2 and Flex.
  18. Week 14 Lineup advice...

    Oops! Looks like I was a little too late for the QB question! At RB2 and Flex, I'd go Hunt and probably Howard. Howard sucks right, but everyone says he will rally this weekend, so that will help. At TE, I'd go Brate. He's going to go back to being a top 5 TE again now that Winston is healthy. Good luck!
  19. WR2 and Flex advice...

    I'm leaning towards Adams and Shepard because of the match ups. If you were to pick up one of those defenses, I'd go with the Lions, but I think you're good either way.
  20. Defense and flex help

    Great advice. Thank you! Dez got dropped during waivers. Is he worth a pick up? Who would I drop? I know he has been struggling so idk.
  21. Lineup advice for the playoffs

    Thanks man!
  22. Lineup advice for the playoffs

    At QB, I have a hard time benching Cousins. Winston has the better matchup so I wouldn't be surprised if he outscores Cousins but I'm not going to take that risk. In one of my leagues, I have Cousins and Winston is on the waiver wire. I'm sticking with Cousins. At Flex....that is tougher. I wouldn't start Collins at Pitt. So for me it's between Crowder, Sanu and Shepard. Keep an eye on Shepard as he had a hamstring tweak pop up. I have him as well. Sanu could be a nice play if NO gives extra attention to Julio. That over/under on the game is the highest of the week by far so they are projecting some big points in that one. With that being said, Crowder and Shepard would be my top two. The upside is higher in PPR for me with those two. I'd probably lean towards Shepard if he's healthy only because his matchup is easier but Crowder could have a busy day against the Chargers with short dump offs against a tough defense that will pressure Cousins a lot. FWIW, I have Crowder and Shepard also and I'd lean Shepard. If Shepard is limited the rest of the week, I'd go Crowder I have a couple lineup questions posted also. If you have any opinions, feel free to comment. Thanks and good luck this weekend.
  23. In a 12-team PPR league, I got some decisions to make. At Flex, do I go Crowder, Sanu, Sterling Shepard, or Alex Collins? Also, at QB, I have to decide between Cousins and Winston. Leaning toward Cousins. Thoughts? @__KJ__ @El Jefe 92 Thanks!
  24. FanDuel DFS NHL – Thursday 12/7/17 by @JillianSydney - https://t.co/JvFkk0v3cx

  25. Demaryius or Mike Davis?

    I am in 1st place and have a bye this week in the playoffs. With Mike Davis having good matchups week 15 & 16 (LAR, DAL), and getting a bunch of carries, would you drop Demaryius Thomas for him? It would leave me with AJ Green, Thielen, and Dez at WR and would give me Ingram, Kamara, KHunt, Tevin Coleman, and Davis at RB. I'm really worried about KHunt. My league gets 1 point per 5 carries/catches. Thanks!
  26. WR2 and Flex advice...

    PPR league...tough decisions this week because I have some great options.... Who to start at WR2 and Flex... Golden Tate at TB Davante Adams at Cle Josh Gordon against GB Hunt against Oakland Shepard against Dallas Also, would you drop Crowder or Greg Olsen to pick up a defense? I dont mind dropping Crowder since I'm stacked at WR. My current defense is the Ravens. Options are: Bengals, Packers, Bills, Jets, Lions. Thanks!
  27. Week 14 Lineup advice...

    PPR, 2 QB League....Need some help with my lineup. QBs: Mariota at AZ, Ryan against NO, Jimmy G at Houston....which two should I start? Who to put in at RB2 and FLEX? Howard, Hunt, Tate, Goodwin Who to start at TE? Clay, Brate, Olsen, S. Anderson Thanks in advance and good luck to everyone this week!
  28. Which Kicker?

    I agree with KJ in not focusing on kickers too much....Murray is trending up. Unless you have one of the top kickers on a top scoring offense, I think it's pretty much a crapshoot. But Forbath hasn't done much in the last few weeks.
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