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  2. League #61 - Shotgun (2017)

    8.7 Marcus Mariota I like all the additions Mariota has gained in the receiving core of the team and I think he will take a big step forward in his third year. I'm one to normally wait on QB back in a 14 team league I'll take the plunge a little early since waivers won't be as stacked with backup options down the road. @On Like Donkey Kong is up
  3. League #48 - Bootleg (2017)

    9.11 - Marvin Jones Jr. - WR - Detroit Lions Writeup coming soon.... @Dannydanger you are up, @Whyteanton On deck.
  4. League #52 - No Huddle Offense (2017)

    @Seanbro up twice
  5. League #52 - No Huddle Offense (2017)

    Welp, if anyone needs to aquire a quarterback they know where to look. That's two autopicks now @a la beastmode , one more and you are out so let's try to finish strong here. I have been down on Sterling Shepard this year as I don't think he is terribly fantasy relevant with a healthy OBJ and Marshall and the price was way too high considering. Tonight though, with both seeing some level of injury, showed me just how easy his path to being a solid WR2 again really is and a back end of the 12th round of a 14 team draft pick is about the right price for that maybe Pick 12.13 Sterling Shepard- WR- New York Giants
  6. With a couple of my picks being taken and pickings starting to get slim, I'm about to do some crazy shit. Sterling Shepard is my next pick. He has potential to put up some solid numbers and I think he could actually perform on the same level as Donte Moncrief with much better value. Not to mention last season he was one of Eli's favorite targets behind OBJ. Homer picks always feel weird, especially considering I just took Eli, but here we are. @wuhkuhh is on the clock. @teutonicnite is on deck
  7. League #54 - Max Protect (2017)

    10.7 - WR Kenny Golladay (DET) kid looks like he's going to carve out a real role on the outside in a high-volume passing attack. @AtomicDom85 is up @steel is waiting in the wings
  8. League #28 - Pewter Pirates (2017)

    @Airplanekid5 don't sweat it, you have not been replaced. Since you've been active in the draft, missing pick 1.01 was very fluky, this was purely accidental, and you gave me draft priority lists ahead of time that just weren't long enough to cover 4 rounds, KJ told me I can be a little lenient. But please don't miss any more picks. Thanks!
  9. League #59 - Zebras (2017)

    9.10 - James White - RB - NE Still a part of the NE game plan. Looking forward to my guys staying healthy and just using White as a bye week guy.
  10. League #47 - Intentional Grounding (2017)

    11.6 - DeAndre Washington - Washington is a super-athletic talent that will hold great value if Lynch cannot stay healthy or is ineffective after his sabbatical. Fun fact: Washington had a top-5 breakaway run rate last year, breaking off seven runs for more than 20 yards (out of 87 attempts). In the last 10 years, no rookie RB had a breakaway run rate as high as Washington did last year. @Peltron3030 is up, @Ant.Mendez is on deck.
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  12. League #28 - Pewter Pirates (2017)

    11.5 Marlon Mack Rookie rb who's showing flashes in preseason. Mack is also a good handcuff if Gore goes down or gets benched if the Colts want more of a spark from the rb position. @heaterotc @Eross1010on deck
  13. League #51 - Long Snappers (2017)

    I am taking: James White - RB - Patriots Could see his role increase and get about 5 TDs and 700yds. I'm in the middle of helping someone move house, so not got more analysis in the tank. @RealLyfe you up. @VPforVPon deck.
  14. League #55 - Pocket Passers (2017)

    With pick 11.11 I take Devin Funchess. It is rare that you can find players with double digit upside this late but I think that Funchess has that possibility. Funchess has caught 9 career TDs on only 54 total receptions. Although there arent many targets to go around in Carolina, Funchess provides a large body in the endzone for Cam to throw it up to. @FugitiveB42 is up and @thewongisland is on deck
  15. League #23 - The Ain'ts (2017)

    I feel like my next pick is kind of a conflict of interest given that I have two of their offensive players, but after tonight's game - even though they lost to the Browns, the defense performed very well. 14.7 - New York Giants Def They made a lot of additions this off-season and have a ton of upside. @Coozinator is on the clock
  16. League #58 - Marty Ball (2017)

    13.7 Jacksonville Defense Not interested in anyone so might as well take a defense. I like what Jacksonville has done on that side of the ball, and I think they could be an improved team. Playing less shootouts and more low scoring defensive game, hopefully. And if it doesnt work out, Ill just stream @PlayTheWaivers is up
  17. League #54 - Max Protect (2017)

    10.6 Jamaal Williams Throwing a rookie dart here. Instead of taking an older guy that will eventually lose snaps to a rookie I thought I'd grab the most likely rookie to gain snaps from an older guy. @CJizzle ur up m8
  18. League #28 - Pewter Pirates (2017)

    I know it's only preseason but so far he's had great numbers. I need some WR depth so I might as well take a swing. I'm taking Cooper Kupp. @Kceltics123 is up @heater on deck
  19. League #26 - Gang Green (2017)

    @steelsound try just clicking once on the border of the box and then hitting backspace
  20. League #30 - Daaa Bears (2017)

    13.06 Dan Bailey - K - Dallas Cowboys I'm taking my choice of Kicker because my last few sleepers will likely board back to me, so I'll take my preference here. Would rather have Tucker, but maybe the cowboys offense will be less efficient vs their hard schedule and without Zeke, and Bailey is gold from 50+. .
  21. League #44 - Chop Block (2017)

  22. League #44 - Chop Block (2017)

    Tim Hightower Really surprised Joe Williams went before him. Yes Shanahan pounded the table to draft Williams blah blah blah, but Hightower is ahead of him on the depth chart, and has familiarity with the system. Stephen Gostkowski Kickers to me are all about opportunity and no team is going to have more opportunity than NE this season. Gostkowski has the range to make it from 50+ as well as from short. Also gives me a nice little correlation play with Brandon Cooks making every TD he score worth 7.5 instead of 6.5.
  23. League #58 - Marty Ball (2017)

    C.J. Fiedorowicz We have Will Fuller out with a broken collarbone and now DeAndre Hopkins with a minor hand injury. Anyway, I think this guy has some breakout potential and will be a reliable source of receptions/red zone targets. Possible flex option in a pinch. @TRR up next
  24. League #50 - Hook and Ladder (2017)

    @Jeff3ryMurphy I sent you a message with my next pick. Thanks man.
  25. League #43 - Hurry Up Offense (2017)

    Looks like it worked it self out.
  26. League #46 - Hand Off (2017)

    14.14 Antonio Gates TE, Chargers Any tight end who can pull in 7 TDs is worth a roster spot. That's usually enough to make you a TE1, which Gates has been every year since forever, and will have every opportunity to be again this year 15.1 Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE, Jets He has all the talent in the world, and the opportunity to be the #1 pass catcher on his team. We'll see what happens.
  27. League 41 - Icing the Kicker (12 hour pick clock)

    11.4 Devontae Booker Still don't all the way trust CJ Anderson and even though Jamal Charles is on the team i still think Booker would get the majority of the carries if CJ blows or gets hurt. He's good when he doesn't fumble, and even though he fumbles a lot it can be fixed. (Tiki bitchass Barber) Either way think he can maybe get some points in a pinch. . @KyleD you're up @wuhkuhh on deck
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