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  2. Thanks, yeah I think it should help simplify things. Were you in to commish again?
  3. Good call limiting to just 1 league. People were all over the place year, was probably a lot to track for you KJ.
  4. I was very active last season and think I would make a great commish! Sign me up for #4 Greatest Show on Turf!
  5. Count me in! Was delighted to commish last year, total treat.
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  7. You know... I don't usually log in to my football account in June. I'm glad I did today. As a 4th year vet of the FTAFFL it would be my honor to commish League #1 The Bungles. Cheers to a great season ahead! Reid
  8. For 2017 all entrants will be allowed to join one league. This means you can either commish a league, or join a league as a standard member. Read the updated rules for 2017. When you post your comment to join as a commish, please let me know which league you would like to run. If you don't mention a specific league, I will assign the next one in line. Last year we had 2 commissioners who went inactive that will be ineligible to commish a team this season: miamitrev and Ree. Everyone else is welcome to commish. Early bird leagues are expected to start registering July 17th, 2017 at 10 AM ET (Starting with league 1 filling as many leagues as possible) Open registration is expected to run August 7th, 2017 at 9 AM ET (All leagues for open registration will be 6 hour pick clocks) # League Name Commish 1 The Bungles TheReidOption 2 America's Team dchuuuu 3 Cardiac Cats 4 Greatest Show on Turf DoctorJay4 5 House of Pain 6 The Kardiac Kids 7 Monsters of the Midway 8 Orange Crush 9 Raider Nation 10 Franco's Italian Army (12 hour pick clock) 11 Dirty Birds (12 hour pick clock) 12 Dawg Pound 13 Steel Curtain 14 The 12th Man 15 The Black Hole (12 hour pick clock) 16 Hogettes 17 Who Dat Nation 18 The 49er Faithful (12 Hour Pick Clock) 19 Cheeseheads 20 Purple Rain (12 hour pick clock) 21 Music City Miracles 22 Superchargers 23 The Ain'ts 24 Big Blue Wrecking Crew 25 Evil Empire 26 Gang Green 27 Legion of Boom 28 Pewter Pirates 29 No-Name Defense 30 Daaa Bears 31 League of Ordinary Gentlemen 32 3-4 defense 33 Gunners 34 Armchair Quarterbacks 35 Hail Mary 36 West Coast offense 37 Lonesome Kickers 38 Illegal Formation 39 Bubble Screen 40 Moving the chains 41 Icing the kicker 42 False Start 43 Hurry-up offense 44 Chop Block 45 Free Kick 46 Hand-off 47 Intentional Grounding 48 Bootleg 49 Fair Catch 50 Hook and Ladder
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  10. Cross posting to Twitter, hopefully some of our PGA community can chime in with their picks here. I know a lot of us earned a free entry to the Draftkings PGA Masters contest
  11. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has any advice on a couple of decent masters plays. I'm in a league where I need to pick one guy in the top 40 rankings and one guy outside the top 40 to make a two man team. Once a golfer is used he is burned for the rest of the season so I gotta pick wisely who I want to play and who I want to save for later. Let me know if anyone has any advice on who might be a good play for next weekend. Thanks
  12. I have joined, for the first time, an all MLB Roto league, 10 teams. Standard 5x5 hitting/pitching format. Need some help!!! IMO, there is no way to draft and maintain a team that will excel in all 5x5 categories. Therefore, it is my humble opinion, in order to have a chance of winning the league, I should try to be dominant in 6 of the 10 categories. My dilemma is which 6 make the most sense, from a drafting and seasonal sense, to focus on for the 162 game schedule? The 5x5 includes hitting-AVG, R, SB, HR, RBI and pitching-ERA, WHIP, SV, K, W. Also, along with that, once the categories are ID'd, which players make the most sense to occupy those categories? The team sizes are 25 players + a DL, and once I get past RD 15, my knowledge level is quite limited. I suppose drafting in a format like this means not necessarily drafting all big names, but fitting in the best players to dominate over the long haul. Appreciate any help possible. Thanks.
  13. Responded on Twitter, should be all set now
  14. i don't know who to turn to but im having problems with my login. i bought a monthly from drizzle and using as my email add.. i just need to reset my password. is there anyway u could send me a link to do that or give me a temporary password so i can log in? use my email to respond. thank u.
  15. Hi sicarius, Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I've been working hard getting our MLB products set up for the season ahead, and haven't had time to publish the articles. I have been available in chat each night to discuss my favorite plays, but it takes a lot of time to put together both our season long MLB draft guide and our DFS MLB daily cheatsheet for the season ahead. Let me know what issues you are having with your account. You can either respond here, contact me via email or find us on Twitter @FanTeamAdvice
  16. Hello all, I'm just wondering where the articles on the NBA have gone (missing since the break), because I play on DK, not on Fanduel, but that's all I see being addressed presently. KJ appears to be missing in action with advice/articles. I'm also wondering if anyone is having site issues despite already having a monthly account set up. Thanks in advance. sicarius
  17. glad to hear it. If you come find us in chat we are running down the news and notes for the night
  18. Thanks. I already knew all of that. Despite being logged in earlier, nothing was working. About an hour after my initial post, I gave it another try and everything was just fine. Appreciate the response though, and thanks again.
  19. Hi sicarius, sorry to hear about the trouble. Just noticed this thread, and I can help. I can confirm that your 3 day trial is active. At the bottom of your screen should be a blue drizzle menu bar. If it says "My Account" then you are logged in. If it doesn't say my account, then click the join button, and choose the log in option using your email from here in the forums. The confusion probably arises from 2 accounts being necessary for the chatroom. The Drizzle account (log in through blue menu at bottom) and the forums account (log in via top right corner). You can respond to me here in thread, or via email for a quicker reply
  20. Hello community. After doing some research, I decided to give the FTA website 3 day free trial a try. I signed up, confirmed my email, entered my card information, and then signed in yet again to the forums and set that account up as well. I still can't seem to access any of the FTA tools without the site sending me back to signing up for the 3 day free trial each and every time I try a pull down menu. Any advice? Hate to have cancel the trial membership so quickly but I don't plan on spending my entire 3 day trial in frustration with a site that doesn't give you access to anything during the trial? I already have access to other sites and NONE of them are like this. Thanks for any help.
  21. Have to email me to claim it. Details here
  22. Id stick with Kaep, his feet give you a safer floor than the other guys
  23. Derek Carr was my starter he is out. Colin Kaepernick is my backup. Should I start him or pick up a free agent? Barkely, Alex Smith, Matt moore, Laundry Jones are available.
  24. Message from KJ regarding payouts. Congrats on a fun season guys. See you next year. Congrats everyone who finished either 1st or 2nd in this year's FTAFFL. To claim your winnings: Be sure to send email from your registered FTA email address. Had someone try to claim they were one of the winning teams, but didn't send from the registered FTA email. Turned out they were trying to steal the winnings. Set your team name on Yahoo to your FTA username Email with your League #, FTA forums username, and yahoo league homepage URL so I can verify. Include paypal email address in your email Any questions post them here. Thanks for participating and see you next year! If you enjoy the FTA community we do encourage you to check out FTA+ as we provide daily projections and chat for DFS NBA, NFL and MLB All payouts should be processed by January 10th
  25. @Steroyds can you please set league #2 to publicly viewable so I can confirm the winners? Its under Commish -> League settings
  26. Congrats @konahopper for winning the league! Congrats to @Snuffas for coming in second! Claim prizes here
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