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  3. ▪ Free mock drafts & live scoring ▪ Blind bidding free agency ▪ Excellent payouts $50 - 12 team live drafts 5x5 ROTO & H2H baseball leagues - $100 - 12 team live drafts 5x5 ROTO & H2H baseball leagues - $200 - 12 team live drafts 5x5 ROTO & H2H baseball leagues - Payouts - Roto 5x5 Baseball Leagues (12 team leagues) $50 $100 $200 1st place $250 $575 $1,200 2nd place $100 $225 $500 3rd place $50 $100 $200 Payouts - Head-to-Head Points Baseball Leagues (12 team leagues) $50 $100 $200 Champion $250 $550 $1,150 Runner-up $100 $250 $550 Total Points $50 $100 $200
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  5. glad to hear it. If you come find us in chat we are running down the news and notes for the night
  6. Thanks. I already knew all of that. Despite being logged in earlier, nothing was working. About an hour after my initial post, I gave it another try and everything was just fine. Appreciate the response though, and thanks again.
  7. Hi sicarius, sorry to hear about the trouble. Just noticed this thread, and I can help. I can confirm that your 3 day trial is active. At the bottom of your screen should be a blue drizzle menu bar. If it says "My Account" then you are logged in. If it doesn't say my account, then click the join button, and choose the log in option using your email from here in the forums. The confusion probably arises from 2 accounts being necessary for the chatroom. The Drizzle account (log in through blue menu at bottom) and the forums account (log in via top right corner). You can respond to me here in thread, or via email for a quicker reply
  8. Hello community. After doing some research, I decided to give the FTA website 3 day free trial a try. I signed up, confirmed my email, entered my card information, and then signed in yet again to the forums and set that account up as well. I still can't seem to access any of the FTA tools without the site sending me back to signing up for the 3 day free trial each and every time I try a pull down menu. Any advice? Hate to have cancel the trial membership so quickly but I don't plan on spending my entire 3 day trial in frustration with a site that doesn't give you access to anything during the trial? I already have access to other sites and NONE of them are like this. Thanks for any help.
  9. Have to email me to claim it. Details here
  10. Id stick with Kaep, his feet give you a safer floor than the other guys
  11. Derek Carr was my starter he is out. Colin Kaepernick is my backup. Should I start him or pick up a free agent? Barkely, Alex Smith, Matt moore, Laundry Jones are available.
  12. Message from KJ regarding payouts. Congrats on a fun season guys. See you next year. Congrats everyone who finished either 1st or 2nd in this year's FTAFFL. To claim your winnings: Be sure to send email from your registered FTA email address. Had someone try to claim they were one of the winning teams, but didn't send from the registered FTA email. Turned out they were trying to steal the winnings. Set your team name on Yahoo to your FTA username Email with your League #, FTA forums username, and yahoo league homepage URL so I can verify. Include paypal email address in your email Any questions post them here. Thanks for participating and see you next year! If you enjoy the FTA community we do encourage you to check out FTA+ as we provide daily projections and chat for DFS NBA, NFL and MLB All payouts should be processed by January 10th
  13. @Steroyds can you please set league #2 to publicly viewable so I can confirm the winners? Its under Commish -> League settings
  14. Congrats @konahopper for winning the league! Congrats to @Snuffas for coming in second! Claim prizes here
  15. PPR League it is a 2 week total for the finals. Not sure who to start for my 2 RB, 2 WR, Flex and TE This is who I am currently starting RB: Freeman, Montgomery WR: Hill, Sanders Flex: J Rodgers (Tampa) TE: COOK BENCH: RB: Crowell, FAT ROB WR: Diggs, Snead TE: REED, Clay Thank you for the help and Happy New Years
  16. Hey all, Was a fantastic league, great playing with you all. Well done to @Oneironaut and @sraiderguy both lead the lead all year and was fitting to see them in the final. (even if I am gutted on missing the champ game by 2 points) @jackalackas and @__KJ__ thanks for organizing!
  17. It was a good season boys! I wish the league was a little more active post-draft, but I had fun regardless. Shoutout to Harambe for knocking me out in the Championship.
  18. So where do I pick up my check??
  19. Thanks. That wasn't showing up on mobile. It should be good now.
  20. Details to claim are here. All payouts should be processed by January 10th
  21. Go to commish settings, then under league settings it is the last option
  22. How do I make it public? I'm not seeing that anywhere on the settings.
  23. Do we need anything else besides sending emails for winners?
  24. My apologies. I thought I had already done that. I'll take care of it in an hour or two.
  25. @jackalackas please set the league to publicly viewable so I can process payouts. Failing that, if someone else in the league can please confirm who won 1st and 2nd place. Thanks
  26. First batch of payouts are going out now. Next batch should be January 5th - 7th
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