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  2. Congrats to 2017 FTAFFL Winners!

    Glad to hear the leagues will be back next year looking forward to them starting and helping wherever is needed. will await those emails!
  3. Congrats to 2017 FTAFFL Winners!

    Sorry to hear it fell through but everything happens for a reason. Thats cool about the leagues. Minus the occasional bonehead, these forums are pretty fun during the preseason. Fwiw you starting these leagues actually has had some positive impact for your site, anecdotally. I pretty much come to the site every day to read the DFS hockey article. Played on a 10 dollar deposit for at least three months following Jillians recommendations. Until a couple nights ago that is 🤷🏼‍♂️ See ya around kj
  4. Congrats to 2017 FTAFFL Winners!

    Good news, the Florida deal fell through and I believe I've found a way to make sure the leagues are sustainable going forward. We should be back for 2018
  5. League #48 - Bootleg (2017)

    I wish I won. I had such a shit team. My 4th pick was Andrew luck and I still got second. I'm proud of my tag tag team of misfits.
  6. Congrats to 2017 FTAFFL Winners!

    The new business would require us to move to Florida yes. I'll miss Colorado like crazy but think it will be the right move for my family, kids will get to be close to grandma and the Orlando area
  7. Congrats to 2017 FTAFFL Winners!

    Hate to see these leagues come to an end @__KJ__ but understand. Especially if you're losing $ on them. Can't blame you. Hope your new acquisition doesn't require you to move to FL As someone who just left there after 10 years - most of that state is crazy! good luck to you and your fam
  8. League #16 - Hogettes (2017)

    Congrats Jabroni33. @__KJ__ posted the link below for claiming your winnings:
  9. League #16 - Hogettes (2017)

    Thanks @Knibb High Football Rules! It was a very close matchup there at the end. Had fun playing with you guys this year!
  10. Congrats to 2017 FTAFFL Winners!

    The leagues always operate at a loss on my end, however I felt it was worth it to help grow the community and while the drafts themselves are awesome and I also enjoy reading all the different perspectives its the same story every year, everyone enjoys the drafts, then heads elsewhere during the season. The main issue is that I'll likely be heading up a new business venture in Florida that will require my full attention during the day time hours so I wouldn't be able to administer the leagues as I have in the past. Multiple members of the community have mentioned they would be interested in helping admin the leagues in some form, so we may explore a different setup than we've used the past 4 years for the diehard members who would like to keep the leagues going, I have to see if we close on this business venture first, then I'll start figuring out what accommodations can be reached here with these leagues
  11. Congrats to 2017 FTAFFL Winners!

    @__KJ__ I wanted to thank you now that we are at the end of the season. I was able to give @steelsound a run for his money despite my great efforts to sabotage my own team. It would be a devistating blow to my yearly prep to not have this league in summer. The summer forums helped me to win one of my most important leagues. you mentioned your intentions to keep the forum active during the season, is there a revenue ROI that makes the league worth your effort? anyways happy new year and hopefully we get the call in 2018!
  12. Congrats to 2017 FTAFFL Winners!

    Thanks for everything @__KJ__ , and especially for hosting these leagues. As with all things FTA, I appreciate your dedication to your craft and the fact that you make it fun for everyone involved. I sent the email with the requested info. sicarius (Claud)
  13. League #18 - The 49er Faithful (2017)

    hey @__KJ__, emailed you to verify the paypal connection. Very fun league man, I appreciate you setting up all this. I'll be back next year.
  14. Congrats to 2017 FTAFFL Winners!

    I attempted to send you a message but it says you cannot receive messages. nevermind. I just linked a message from your profile page.
  15. Congrats to 2017 FTAFFL Winners!

    Thanks for everything @__KJ__! I'd be sad to see the leagues stop. You're right it died down around here a bit. I think the discord was fairly active, maybe forums are becoming passe in general? If there's anything I can do to help in the offseason to make things work out I'd be happy to. I might not be able to Admin everything alone since it always seems so busy, but I could pitch in... Good luck!
  16. FanDuel DFS NBA Picks | 12/28/17 by @Jac3600 - https://t.co/adFLtgVNcI

  17. Congrats to 2017 FTAFFL Winners!

    Well congrats on the business opportunity, hope all goes well and if you are opening in north/northwest Florida and need a tech guy feel free to reach out lol.
  18. Congrats to 2017 FTAFFL Winners!

    We'll have to see how things work out on my end. I have the opportunity to purchase and manage a business in Florida, which would occupy most of my attention during the day so I wouldn't have the hours available to administer these leagues each summer like I've been doing. Also, after 4 years running these leagues somehow the in season usage in the forums is actually way down, so the promotion certainly isn't having the desired impact of growing the community
  19. Congrats to 2017 FTAFFL Winners!

    Email sent. Thanks again for running this @__KJ__. I look forward to this every year and hope we can continue even if we have to cut the number of leagues or something.
  20. League #59 - Zebras (2017)

    Good Season guys. I really feel lucky to have won, because this was a very competitive league.
  21. League #5 - House of Pain (2017)

    Thanks to KJ and everyone for running FTA and putting the leagues together! FTA can keep my $10 2nd place price to roll into w/e account
  22. League #18 - The 49er Faithful (2017)

    Yeah its more of a Yahoo thing, they likely have rules linked somewhere on their site
  23. League #18 - The 49er Faithful (2017)

    Not sure Pie, I didn't win any championships this year. Maybe @__KJ__ can explain, but it seems like more of a yahoo thing.
  24. League #18 - The 49er Faithful (2017)

    @gsharp Do you know how this championship league thing works with yahoo?
  25. League #18 - The 49er Faithful (2017)

    Ayyyy Where's my parade? GG Guys.
  26. Congrats to 2017 FTAFFL Winners!

    Hey @__KJ__! Thanks again for putting these leagues on, I had a blast and they were great prep for my main leagues. I have a ton of fun in the draft rooms and we've made some Groupmes over the years that've been pretty swell. Hopefully we get a shot at it again next year but if not it's been a pleasure and thank you for all the hard work you and the rest of the FTA community puts out. https://media1.giphy.com/media/yoJC2iiwcNPEYLfEVq/giphy_s.gif
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