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  2. Buy Low on Julio Jones or Michael Thomas?

    If you can't get Brown I'd add Forte. He's serviceable whenever Powell is out
  3. Buy Low on Julio Jones or Michael Thomas?

    Anyone to add there?
  4. Buy Low on Julio Jones or Michael Thomas?

    I'll try to get him , 9th out of ten in the Waivers though The RB in Waivers is pretty bare by the way
  5. Buy Low on Julio Jones or Michael Thomas?

    Yes I'd be all over John Brown. When healthy he is a terrific WR2/3. Will make a nice piece to go with Diggs as well, as long as one of them is healthy you should be set
  6. Buy Low on Julio Jones or Michael Thomas?

    John Brown is on the waivers would you pick him up? Also Thanks for the password reset!!
  7. Buy Low on Julio Jones or Michael Thomas?

    I feel like you have a really solid team when Diggs is healthy, I'd stand pat, but consider dropping Rivers for an extra RB. If this is a one QB league having 3 QBs just eats up space on your bench
  8. So there is an owner that has both Thomas and Jones, could you please look At both rosters and tell me if there is a trade I should make or stand pat? Thank you for all your help! Her team: QB: Stafford and Carr RB: C.Anderson,T.Montgomery, D.Johnson and L.Miller WR: J.Jones, M. Thomas, T.Hill, D.moncrief, J. Kearse and M. Crabtree, TE: Ertz and Hooper K:Crosby Def: KC My Team: QB: Mariota, Wentz and Rivers RB: McCoy, Gordon, Coleman and Freeman WR: Hopkins, Diggs, Cooks, Cooper, Wallace, and Funchess TE: Kelce K: Bryant Def: Denver
  9. Last week
  10. 0.5 PPR. Perine, Collins, or Breida at RB2?

    I think Perine gets the most work. I'd probably go Perine also.
  11. Help at flex!!

    I'd have to start Fuller today
  12. 0.5 PPR. Perine, Collins, or Breida at RB2?

    Yuck... I guess Perine and hope for a TD
  13. Help at flex!!

    Tough...I'm not sure I trust how healthy Ty is. He said he's going to play but Fuller has another good matchup and could bust one against a bad Cleveland team. I'd be scared to start Ty with his health.
  14. Help at flex!!

    Will fuller or ty montgomery at the flex??? Thanks
  15. WDIS at RB2, Perine, Collins or Breida?
  16. Who do I start

    Freeman for sure, then if it is standard I go Ajayi. PPR Ellington
  17. Who do I start

    Flex & RB - D. Freeman, Ajayi, Pryor Sr. A. Ellington, J. Charles, A. Hurns
  18. Happy Sunday all! Our Week 6 projections have been updated and live chat is rocking #AskFFL #FFLive #fantasyfootball https://t.co/u3is7F14Uo

  19. Drop Shepherd for Mike Williams?

    Nah man, I really appreciate all the insight on this. I agree with your points and I am worried about someone smart snatching Sterling if I drop him so I think I'll hang to him. I'm hoping to hear something solid on Gordon in the next week or I may have to move on but it's just so tempting.
  20. Kamara, Howard, Doug Martin...pick 2....

    Given that its full PPR I think I'd go with Martin and Kamara this week. The BAL D is solid and Howard is the riskiest play of the three in my eyes
  21. Cooper or Marvin Jones?

    I'm leaning towards Cooper this week myself. Hoping Carr is back, need some positive regression for Amari and I like his matchup more
  22. Fantasy Football Podcast?

    Hey Mike, we did run a podcast 4 years ago, however never drew in more than 30 listeners per week after a year and a half running it so we turned our attention elsewhere. If you jump in on discord there are a number of people there who recommend quality podcasts. Oh, and for DFS we will now have live audio NBA discussion every day for FTA+, so I guess it could be considered a live podcast of sorts
  23. Drop Shepherd for Mike Williams?

    I wouldn't drop Shepherd unless you have a really small league. If I saw someone drop him, I'd scoop him up in a heartbeat. I don't think Mike Williams will make an immediate impact. He could be their red zone threat for them eventually but I think he'll be eased in. With as long as he's been out, I just don't see them giving him a big workload since all their other WRs are healthy. I'm with you on Gordon. It's so hard to let go of him lol.....I've closely followed him and have followed all the Reddit hype but if he gets reinstated, it may take a few weeks. I'm leaving Gordon on the wire, as hard as it is. He has the potential to be a league winner. I think Williams will be great for the Chargers but I'm just not sure how soon. I'd rather have Williams over Gordon at this point based on a risk standpoint. There are too many question marks with Gordon and if he gets reinstated, do the Browns welcome him back with open arms? I think they will but how long will it take to get reinstated? I think Williams will make an impact before Gordon does but I think it'll take him a little time. My only concern is the fact there are a lot of mouths to feed for the Chargers. I just realized I wrote a lot and said very little lol....I'm not sure how much this helped but those are my thoughts. I'd drop Gordon for Williams. It's so strange he hasn't applied for reinstatement yet so I really don't know what to think of the Gordon situation; I'm so perplexed with the holdup. I'd keep Shepherd on the bench. He's going to take the WR1 spot in an offense that has to throw because they can't run.
  24. Your welcome...glad to help...good luck this weekend....glad you didn't get Fleener. You have Kelce so you don't need him but you can do better than Fleener on the waiver wire when bye week hits with someone like ASJ, Zach Miller or a Hunter Henry type player, depending on the size of your league.
  25. PPR...Need to fill my RB2 and Flex spots. Howard, Kamara, Doug Martin are my options......Kamara against the Lions in a potential shootout....Martin at Arizona....Howard at Baltimore with plenty of volume. Both Martin and Howard are going to get a plenty of volume so I'm leaning both of them but it's hard to leave Kamara on the bench. Kamara has the best matchup but seems like the riskiest play. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  26. Cooper or Marvin Jones?

    Ugh...tough one. The decision would be a lot easier if the QB situation was a little better in Oakland. I'd still go with Cooper. Yes, he's been garbage but it's only a matter of time until he returns to form. I think this week he has a good shot at that so I'd narrowly lean Cooper.
  27. Alshon Jeffery trade advice....

    I'd go for the second trade as I like TY for ROS over Jeffrey although Jeffrey's schedule does lighten up considerably.
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