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Fantasy football tight end rankings can really help you in setting your weekly lineups. Are you having trouble choosing the right tight end to start each week? Well, luckily we can help you out here at FTA with our weekly rankings and free forums. In order to become a successful fantasy football owner, you must be able to make the right calls for your lineup. That’s exactly what we’re here for with our weekly fantasy football tight end rankings.

Fantasy Football Tight End Rankings

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How to Read the Fantasy Football Tight End Rankings

Understanding and reading our rankings can be quite easy:

  • The rankings can be broken down into three categories:
    • Standard Scoring
    • Full Point PPR
    • Half Point PPR
  • The tight end that is in the first position has the highest probability of being the best player at his position for that week.
  • The further you scroll down the list, the less likely that player will quite as productive for the week.
  • There are plenty of factors that can determine these rankings, which we’ll discuss next.

Factors that Determine Rankings

There are plenty of factors that can affect our rankings, including the following:

  • Defense Against Position – This is one of the most important factors with our fantasy football tight end rankings. The tougher the defensive matchup, the further down the list the player will be.
  • Key Injuries – From starting tight ends sitting out to potential teammates being hurt, injuries play a big role in our weekly rankings. Also, key defensive players being injured from the other team could positively affect our rankings.
  • Over/Under – Games with higher projected point totals could lead to better overall fantasy production.
  • Weather – The weather conditions could play a huge role in fantasy production. It is very important to keep your eye on the forecast for each city closer to game time.

In conclusion, season-long NFL can be a real grind, so we’re always here to help you guys out with our weekly fantasy football tight end rankings. Any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. Good luck with your fantasy football seasons!

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