52 Fantasy Football Team Names – South Park Edition 2.0


Fantasy Football Team Names – South Park Edition

Hoooooowwwwody Hooooo! Everybody loves a good fantasy football team name. What a better way to compliment fantasy football than with the Comedy Central television show South Park to inspire those fantasy football team names? With some of your favorite South Park characters, catch phrases, and episodes parodied into new fantasy team names! Here is a list of team names for your upcoming fantasy football season, South Park style.

  1. Bishop Sankey & Christmas Poo’s — From episode 01.10 “Mr. Hankey The Christmas Poo”
  2. The Marc Trest-Man-Bear-Pigs — From episode 10.06 “ManBearPig”
  3. Screw You Guys, I’m going (Andre) Holmes — Eric Cartman catch phrase
  4. The Michael Crab-tree People — From episode 07.08 “South Park is Gay”
  5. You go to Hill, You go to Jeremy Hill and you die! — Mr. Hat & Mr. Garrison catch phrase
  6. Kanye West loves RG3 sticks — From episode 13.05 “Fishsticks”
  7. Ben Roethl-Ass Burgers — From episode 15.08 “Ass Burgers”
  8. Tom Coughlinondik — From Character  Ms. Diane Choksondik
  9. I’m (Roddy) White Trash and I’m in Trouble? — From episode 15.14 “The Poor Kid”
  10. Ryan Fitzpatrick Duffy’s — From episode 01.03 “Volcano”
  11. The ChinpokoMon-tee Ball‘s — From episode 03.11 “Chinpokomon”
  12. I Have No Idea What is Going On — From episode 05.08 “Towlie”
  13. Josh Huff – Cabbage — From episode 14.09 “It’s a Jersey Thing”
  14. Fantasy Football Jesus ‘n’ Pals — From episode 04.15 “Fat Camp”
  15. Butter’s Bottom Bitches — From episode 13.09 “Butters Bottom Bitch”
  16. OH MY GOD, THEY KILLED HENNE! – Catch phrase for the boys
  17. Jerome Simpson’s Already Did It – From episode 06.07 “The Simpson’s Already Did It”
  18. Josh Gordon, Drugs are bad Mmkay.. – From episode 02.04 “Ike’s Wee Wee”
  19. Don’t Forget to bring a (Bilal) Powell – From episode 08.05 “Towlie”
  20. John Kuhn & Friends – From episodes 14.11 “Coon 2: Hindsight”, 14.12 “Mysterion Rises” & 14.13 “Coon vs. Coon & Friends”
  21. The Terrible Towlies – From episode 08.05 “Towlie”
  22. The South Park Cows – Name of the South Park school the boys attend
  23. The Turd Sandwiches – From episode 8.08 “Douche and Turd”
  24. The Giant Douches – From episode 8.08 “Douche and Turd”
  25. Asses of Fire – From “The South Park Movie: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut”
  26. Waterpark Minorities – From episode 13.14 “Pee”
  27. The Woodland Critters – From episode 8.14 “Woodland Critter Christmas”
  28. Amazingly Randi’s Cock Magicians – From episode 18.08 “Cock Magic”
  29. Sexual Harassment Pandas – From episode 3.06 “Sexual Harassment Panda”
  30. Thad Jarvis’ (Landry) Guitar Hero’s – From 11.13 “Guitar Queer-O”
  31. The (Derek) Handi-Carr’s – From episode 18.04 “Handicar”
  32. Mexican Staring Frogs of Sri Lanka – From episode 2.06 “The Mexican Staring Frogs of Sri Lanka”
  33. Penis Mice – From episode 12.05 “Eek, a Penis!”
  34. Ginger Cows – From episode 17.06 “Ginger Cow”
  35. Vitamin Cheese – From Episode 12.03 “Major Boobage”
  36. The Mary Jane Piss in your Face Fun Times – From Episode 12.03 “Major Boobage”
  37. The Conjoined Fetus Ladies – From episode 2.05 “Conjoined Fetus Lady”
  38. ScuzzleButts – From episode 1.02 “Volcano”
  39. Randy’s Lorde’s of the Rock – From episode 18.02 “Gluten Free Ebola”
  40. Goobacks – From episode 8.07 “Goobacks”
  41. The Red Rockets – From episode “Proper Condom Use”
  42. Titties and Dragons – From episode 17.09 “Titties and Dragons”
  43. The Side Effects of Gluten – From episdoe 18.02 “Gluten Free Ebola”
  44. Tom Brady‘s Football Rhinoplasty patients – From episode 1.11 “Tom’s Rhinoplasty”
  45. The Jakovasaurs’ – From episode 3.04 “Jakovasaurs”
  46. Tynacorp Towelie’s – From episode 5.08 “Towelie”
  47. The Mecha-Streisand’s – From episode 1.12 “Mecha-Streisand”
  48. Starvin’ Marvin Jones’ – From episode 1.08 “Starvin’ Marvin”
  49. The Crack Baby Athletic Association – From episode 15.05 “The Crack Baby Athletic Association”
  50. Kim Kardashian’s Hobbit Army – From episode 17.10 “The Hobbit”
  51. Kayne West’s Gay Fish – From episode 13.05 “Fishticks”
  52. Broadway Joe-Down – From episode 15.11 “Broadway Bro Down”

If you have any more South Park inspired names share in a comment. If you want to see another one of your favorite shows in fantasy football names just message me that as well. You can find me through here in the comments section or on Twitter!

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