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Fantasy Football Start Sit

Fantasy owners may often have trouble deciding on who to start and who to sit each week. Sometimes it is because of match ups and sometimes because of the players previous performances. Regardless the writers on Fantasy Team Advice are here to help with your Fantasy Football Start Sit each and every week. We won’t cover studs like Antonio Brown or Cam Newton but will instead focus on player who really pose a question of whether or not they belong on the bench. These articles can always be found below and will help to alleviate these decisions all season.

2016 Fantasy Football Start Sit Articles

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What makes it so hard to decide?

There are a few factors that may have owners scratching their head on who to play. Some of these include:

  • The results from the week before that may make you very cautious to start a stud or very tempted to start a more sporadic player
  • A match up against a specific defense may change your opinion on a player solely due to the opponent
  • Major injuries on the players actual team may cause you to question their role in the offense
  • Overreactions and media attention to a player you own can cloud your judgement
  • Owning two guys will high ceilings and needing to decide before game day

For the most part these are the things that drive owners crazy while trying to figure out their lineups. Each week the writers on Fantasy Team Advice provide insight into these match ups and dig through player statistics in order to recommend the best (and worst) plays. As always you can comment below or contact writers through Twitter @FanTeamAdvice and the Fantasy Team Advice Forums.

Fantasy Football Start Sit

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