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Fantasy football running back rankings go a long way towards helping with your weekly rankings. Not sure which RB should be in your starting lineup? Well, we can help you here at FTA with our weekly rankings and fantasy football forums.

Dominating in fantasy football is all about making the right lineup decisions based on stats, predictions, and a little bit of luck. With our weekly fantasy football running back rankings you can handle the stats and predictions part!

Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings

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How to Read the Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings

Understanding and reading our rankings can be quite easy:

  • The rankings can be broken up into three categories:
  • The running back that is in the first position has the highest probability of being the best player at his position for that week.
  • The further you scroll down the list, the less likely that player will be quite as productive.
  • There are plenty of factors that will determine these rankings, which is what we’ll discuss next.

Factors that Determine Rankings

There are plenty of factors that can affect our rankings, including the following:

  • Defense Against Position – This is one of the most important factors with our fantasy football running back rankings. The tougher the defensive matchup, the further down the list they’ll be.
  • Key Injuries – From starting running backs being hurt to potential teammates sitting out, injuries play a big role in our rankings. Also, key defensive players being injured for the other team could positively affect our running back rankings.
  • Over/Under and Game odds – Knowing how many points your team should score, and how much they should win by really help determine fantasy production.
  • NFL Weather – Keep an eye on those weather conditions! Muddy, rain and cold can all contribute to poor fantasy days for RBs!

In conclusion, season long fantasy football is a marathon, not a sprint.  So take your time, enjoy the ride, and be sure to bookmark this page. Our weekly fantasy football running back rankings will be updated each and every week during the season!

Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings