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Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

Fantasy football quarterback rankings can help you set your weekly lineups! Having trouble with choosing the right quarterback to start from week to week? We can help you with our weekly rankings articles and also our free forums. Becoming a better season long fantasy football player starts with making the right calls for your lineup. Up to the date rankings are what you’ll find here on our site.

Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

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How to Read the Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

Understanding and reading our rankings can be quite easy:

  • The rankings can be broken up by standard, Half PPR and Full PPR.
  • The quarterback that is in the first position in the rankings has the highest probability of being the best option for that given week.
  • The further you browse down the list, the less of a chance that player is to have a quality week.
  • There are plenty of factors that will determine these rankings, which is what we’ll discuss next.

Factors that Determine Rankings

There are plenty of factors that determine our rankings, including the following:

  • Weather – The weather can play a major factor on a player’s fantasy production. Stay up to date with a city’s weather report. Rainy or windy weather could be detrimental to a player’s production.
  • Defensive Against Position – The tougher the defensive matchup, the further down a player will be on the list.
  • Over/Under – Games with higher projected points totals will lead to more overall fantasy production.
  • Key Injuries – Teammates missing a game could affect a player’s potential value. In return, key defensive players being injured could positively affect a player’s ranking.

In conclusion season long NFL can be a grind, so we’re always here to help you guys out with our weekly fantasy football quarterback rankings. Any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. Good luck with your fantasy leagues this season!

Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings