Fantasy football kicker rankings can really help to give you an edge in your fantasy leagues. If you guys are having an issue with choosing the right kicker from week to week, we’ve got the right thing for you. Here at FTA, we can help you with our weekly rankings and free forums. In order to be a great fantasy owner, it’s important to be able to make the proper decisions for your lineups. That’s exactly what we’re here for with our updated fantasy football kicker rankings.

Fantasy Football Kicker Rankings

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How to Read the Fantasy Football Kicker Rankings

Reading and understanding our rankings can be very easy:

  • Our rankings can be broken down into three categories:
    • Half Point PPR
    • Full Point PPR
    • Standard Scoring
  • The kicker that is at the top position is considered the best overall option for the week and so on.
  • The further you scroll down the list, the less likely those players will prosper for your lineups.
  • There are a plethora of factors that can determine these rankings, so we’ll discuss those next.

Factors That Determine Rankings

There are plenty of factors that can affect our rankings, which include the following:

  • Defense Against Position – This is one of the most important factors in my opinion that will affect our fantasy football tight end rankings. The tougher the defensive matchup is, the further down the list you’ll find a particular kicker.
  • Key Injuries – You always have to be conscious of whether or not your kicker will be available each week. Keep your eye on the team’s weekly injury report!
  • Over/Under – The games with higher projected point totals will obviously be positive for your kickers.
  • Weather – For kickers, the weather may be the most important factor for our rankings. Weather conditions such as the wind, rain and even snow could drastically affect how a kicker performs for your lineup. So, keep your eye on that forecast!

In conclusion, season-long fantasy football is a true test for us all. So, with that said, bookmark this page and watch out for our weekly rankings. Fantasy Team Advice’s weekly fantasy football kicker rankings will be updated each and every week, so stay tuned!

Fantasy Football Kicker Rankings