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Our fantasy football defense rankings can help you make your weekly lineup choices. Can’t decide which defense special teams (DST) to start every week? We can help you with our weekly rankings articles and our free advice forums. Making correct lineup decisions, especially when streaming defenses is key to winning a fantasy football championship. Our up-to-date rankings will help you do that.

Fantasy Football Defense Rankings

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How to Read the Fantasy Football Defense Rankings (DST)

It’s easy to understand and read our rankings.

  • The defense/special teams unit in the first position of our rankings has the highest probability of being the top scoring fantasy defense in that given week.
  • The further down the rankings you scroll, the less likely the defensive unit is to have a usable fantasy performance.
  • Many factors go into these positional rankings. We’ll be talking about those next.
  • If you’re looking for a defense / special teams (DST) to stream, check our weekly rankings against your free agency list.

Factors that Determine Defense Rankings (DST)

  • Over/Under – Some games will have lower projected point totals than others. These games are more likely to produce higher scoring fantasy football defenses.
  • Weather – It’s important to stay up to date with a home team city’s weather report. Excessive rain or wind can be detrimental to the fantasy production of offensive skill position players. This, in turn, favors defenses playing in poor conditions.
  • Defensive Against Position – The tougher the offensive match-up for a defense/special teams unit, the further down the rankings you’re likely to find them.
  • Key Injuries – Teammates missing games due to injury, or playing at less than 100-percent, can affect the potential value of an entire defense/special teams unit. But key offensive players being out or playing hurt could positively affect the ranking of the defense they’re facing that week.

In conclusion, streaming defenses is typically your best bet to win a championship. So we’re always here to help ease the burden with our weekly fantasy football defense rankings. Leave any questions or comments you have below. Good luck in your fantasy football leagues this season!

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