2018 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide


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Draft Guide Features

  • ◆ Custom rankings
  • ◆ Standard 5×5 scoring formula
  • ◆ Compare players across positions
  • ◆ Daily updates w/ the latest news
  • ◆ All projections can be edited

Custom rankings

Custom fantasy baseball rankings for your 2018 draft day

Custom rankings tab allows you to adjust rankings for any player projections you don’t agree with


Draft Board

Best available tab shows you the top players to pick at each position throughout the draft

Our signature best available draft board will show you the top available players at each position as your fantasy baseball draft progresses.


Head in to your fantasy baseball draft with the updated rankings! Our 2018 fantasy baseball draft guide covers standard 5×5 drafts and can be customized to include middle infielders, corner infielders, and even individual outfield spots!

As injury news and depth chart changes occur we will track those and update the draft guide accordingly so you don’t head in to draft day with an outdated piece of paper, giving you a head start over the rest of your league mates.

The FTA 2018 Fantasy Baseball draft guide features rankings for the top 500 players in major league baseball covering all the major positions: catcher, first base, second base, third base, shortstop, outfield, starting pitcher and relief pitcher. If you’re not sure where to draft Shohei Ohtani or any of the other 499+ players included, our draft guide can assist!