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Looking to dip your toes into the world of Fanduel NFL Strategy and not sure where to start? We can help with our weekly fantasy football writeups as well as our daily fantasy football spreadsheet and projections.

Fanduel NFL Strategy | The Basics

Step 1: Understanding Value

  • In general, you are hoping to return 2.5x from each player you select on Fanduel.  If they cost $5,000, you are looking for 12.5 fantasy points.  $10,000? Look for 25 fantasy points.
  • Starting budget is $60,000. Ideally you want to target 150 fantasy points as a “safe score” to cash.

Step 2: Roster Construction | Fanduel NFL Strategy

  • Cash game or GPP? The format will change which players you should be targeting.
    • Cash games typically around 50% of the field cashes (50/50 or double ups)
    • GPP typically around 20% of the field cashes (large scale tournaments)
  • For cash games, you want to select safe players.  Guys you can reasonably expect to return between 2.5-3x value.  Target the guys you think everyone else will have (i.e. a high ownership %)
  • For GPP games, you take more risks.  Low ownership % is the name of the game if you want to win the big bucks.  You can still roster a few of the high ownership % guys, but overall you don’t want to build an entirely “safe” lineup.  Better to go for the high ceiling guys that are boom or bust.
  • Not sure which players are considered safe? Our analysts are available in live chat leading up to kickoff to help FTA+ subscribers decide!
  • What to look for? Typically you want to target these metrics
    • Over / Under – Games with a higher projected total lead to more fantasy production.
    • Defense against position – Teams that give up more yards to the run or pass
    • Key NFL injuries – Injuries lead to opportunities for previously unknown players.  You must stay up to date on key injuries each week.
    • Carries per week – Players receiving more carries per game have more opportunities to produce
    • Targets per game – More targets equals more production.  Receptions can be misleading, so go with targets.

In daily fantasy sports the number of metrics you can analyze is mind-boggling, but those are the best points to start with.  Any questions or comments feel free to leave below, and good luck with your Fanduel NFL lineups!

FanDuel NFL Strategy