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Want to get better at understanding Fanduel NBA strategy? Not a problem, here at FTA we have been in the business for 5+ years and can help you undertsand everything from finding value to roster construction. Whether you are looking for daily NBA picks or an advanced daily NBA spreadsheet with regular updates until tip off, we have you covered.

Fanduel NBA Strategy

Step 1: Understanding Value

  • When you hear DFS players talk about expected value, you may wonder exactly what that means.
  • In general, you want to target 5x return for each player drafted.  So if they cost $4,000 you would like to see 20 fantasy points.  A $10,000 player? You’re looking for 50 fantasy points

Step 2: Dissecting the value | Fanduel NBA Strategy

  • Not all value is created equal! The higher priced a player is, the more valuable his contributions are.  So a $10,000 player getting you 50 fantasy points is far more important than the $4000 one.
  • Even if the $10,000 stud only gets you 45 fantasy points (4.5x value) your lineup should still be fine.  Other players on a nightly basis will hit 6x or 4.5x. You just want to end up with an average of 5x to cash.

Step 3: Roster construction

  • The more you play, you’ll develop a daily process, but basically when you first sit down you want to identify the best values of the day.  Injury news and notes are invaluable, as the cheap backups will typically earn more playing time than usual.
  • If you need help with this daily process, sign up for FTA+ and our daily NBA cheatsheet.
  • Key metrics you want to consider are:
    • Pace – How fast will the game be played?
    • Over / Under – How many points are expected to be scored?
    • Usage – How involved is that player in the offense?
    • Defense vs Position (DVP) – How good is the other team at defending the position?

There are many more things involved of course, but hopefully this brief overview can help newer players to the game. If you are an FTA+ subscriber, be sure to join us in chat as we keep you updated leading up to tip off each night!

Fanduel NBA Strategy